Spike Lee's Academy Awards Television Ads

They have decided to promote this year's Academy Awards with famous movie quotes. I originally thought the poster was pretty cool (see left), but I've now found the banners and quote billboards all around downtown San Francisco to be bland and boring. And let me tell you, there is nothing more annoying than a "May the Force Be With You" billboard when you're running down Market Street to catch a screening that starts in a few minutes. It's almost like it's mocking you. But I didn't tear the billboard down. I swear, it wasn't me.

Anyway, Spike Lee has directed a series of television commercials to promote the Oscars. Check them out after the jump.

For the most part the ads feature every day people on the street (of New York City I would assume, or has Spike moved on to New Orleans?), reciting the most famous movie lines of all time. While I enjoy the clips more than the billboards down town, I'm surprised that Spike Lee couldn't create something better. Nothing about these clips is exceptional – in fact I'm sure that any film school student could produce something better given a couple hours. Even the framing isn't something you would expect from Spike.

Check out the ads below.






[via: Big Screen Little Screen]