Roger Ebert: Little Miss Sunshine's Academy Awards Upset

Super Movie Critic and my personal hero Roger Ebert claims that Little Miss Sunshine may cause an upset at this year's Oscars.

Ebert has been pretty spot on with his Academy Award predictions in the past. Last year he was only wrong once out of all the major categories (he chose Amy Adams over Rachel Weisz).

Roger believes that Babel will take the Best Picture statue, but reveals the following rumor:

"Rumor has it that "Little Miss Sunshine" is poised to be an upset winner, and in fact it won an ensemble SAG Award."

Sunshine is the little movie that could. Everyone was surprised when it received a Best Picture nomination. But can the movie pull off the win? I love the flick but am pulling for The Departed.

You can read all of Ebert's 2007 predictions at