Lionsgate Buys Movie Rights To Unpublished Video Game

Usually the bad video game movie adaptations happen after the video game becomes a popular franchise/brand. Well Lionsgate has decided to bypass that necessary step and go strait to the bad movie.

Lionsgate has bought the big screen rights to the Eidos Interactive video game Kane & Lynch: Dead Men, which hasn't even been released yet. The game, which is due to hit the PC and X-Box 360 later this year, is described as "a co-op action game depicting a violent and chaotic journey of two men – a flawed mercenary and a medicated psychopath – and their brutal attitude towards right and wrong. Now, they must partner up as a mess of cash makes for hell on Earth." They duo first meet while "being transported to death row, only to be attacked and kidnapped by Kane's former team. The unlikely duo is forced to retrieve a stolen fortune that Kane has hidden," according to Variety.

You can watch a preview of the game at this link. You can also check out the official game website at

The game's linear storyline shows promise as a movie adaptation, but call me a cynic – these things just never work out. Let's hope I'm wrong.