The Hills Have Eyes 2 Movie Trailer

The remake of Wes Craven's The Hills Have Eyes wasn't half bad. In a world of post modern teen horror flicks, half bad is actually a good thing. When Fox Atomic quickly ordered a sequel, conveniently titled The Hills Have Eyes 2, we were worried it would suck. The teaser trailer showed promise, even despite the b-level plot. And now Fox Atomic has revealed the full length feature movie trailer.

Check out the new trailer at Yahoo! Movies.

Hills Have Eyes 2 Poster

The sequel to the 2006 remake of the 1977 Wes Craven film, follows a group of National Guard trainees who find themselves battling against the vicious group of mutants during their last day of training in the desert. The remake's story (which followed a family trapped in the desert) seemed a lot more relatable. But what do I know. In times when thousands are dying in the war against "terror", may-be there is an audience for a horror movie that involves Army group in a desert setting.

The Hills Have Eyes 2 will hit theaters on March 23rd 2007.