Rupert Murdoch's Blunder: Borat 2 Announced

News Corp head Rupert Murdoch announced on Thursday that Fox would be reteaming with Sacha Baron Cohen for a Borat sequel. One small problem, it's not actually true.

After Murdoch made the announcement, the internet was abuzz with the news. Cohen sources are claiming that no deal is on the table for a Borat 2. News Corp is now doing a huge back-step, claiming that Murdoch "was under the mistaken impression that we had signed a deal."

I even thought it was a weird move earlier today considering Fox had no faith in the movie. They bumped the release back in distribution, and even passed on Cohen's follow-up movie based on his Bruno character. They claimed the bidding got too expensive. Universal ended up winning for just over $40 million. And Then Borat went on to gross more than $225 worldwide.

Looks like Murdoch should do his research before making announcements next time.