More Spies Like Us

February has been an aweful month. Not a day goes by that another classic 1980's film gets some rumored sequel buzz. Well today's 80's flashback is Spies Like Us. And I must admit that I really don't mind about this one. Why? Mandel.

Okay so most of you don't even know who Alec Berg, Jeff Schaffer and Dave Mandel are. They are comic geniuses. Sure, they have produced a couple clunkers (The Cat in the Hat and the sub-par but enjoyable Eurotrip). But if you've ever watched Clerks the Animated Serie, Seinfeld (Soup Nazi) or early-to-mid-1990's Saturday Night Live, than you have some idea of what they are capable of.

Anyway, the writing trio have been given the job of remaking or sequelizing the classic John Landis comedy. Starring Chevy Chase and Dan Ayrkoyd as a couple of loser misfits who dwell in the lower ranks of the Central Intelligence Agency. They eventually learn they are being used as decoys to draw out the Sovet defenses.

I'm sure this could easily be updated to take place during the Iraq war or touch on the nuclear tensions in the east. But surprisingly, I'm actually up for this one.