Mr. Brooks Movie Trailer

Kevin Costner is a serial killer and Dane Cook is a bad comedian photographer who captures a murder in progress. The movie is Mr. Brooks, and the movie trailer is after the jump.

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Mr. Brooks is a family man with a secret. His devious alter ego Marshall (William Hurt) loves murder and convinces Mr. Brooks to commit serial killings. His violent rampage catches the attention of detective Attwood (Demi Moore). This eventually leads to "a strange symbiotic relationship between the two."

I'm not sure if Costner can pull off this huge dramatic turn, after years of being so beloved. But maybe that's the point. He doesn't really want to be bad. He's being convinced to commit the acts. And Dane Cook in a semi-dramatic role? Well it can't be worse than Employee of The Month.

Mr. Brooks hits theaters on March 23rd, 2007.