Academy Award Film Festival At An AMC Theater Near You

AMC Theaters has announced that it will show the five movies nominated for Best Picture back-toback on the Saturday before the Academy Awards.

AMC, the second biggest theater chain in the United States, will sell tickets for only $30. The mini-film festival will be shown at 78 theaters across the country on February 24th 2007 beginning at 11:00am.

The 10 1/2 hours of film will be shown with 15 minute breaks in-between features, and one longer dinner break.

The order of screenings goes:

  • Babel (11:00am)
  • The Queen (1:45pm)
  • The Departed (3:45pm)
  • Letters From Iwo Jima (7:00pm)
  • Little Miss Sunshine (9:45pm)
  • A collectible pass is included with purchase.

    While I encourage all of you that haven't seen these movies to check them out, this is a great marketing scheme by AMC to sell some tickets, is not much more than a marketing scheme. It's only a minimal savings. AMC launched a new program in July which lowered movie ticker prices for shows before noon. Depending on the market, A.M.Cinema ticket prices are $4-6. The average ticket price before 6:00pm is around $5-6. So the average price for seeing all five movies is around $32-$35 normally. You do however get a free large popcorn and drink (with unlimited refills) which can make this deal worth wild. Either ay it doesn't add up to the "over $55 value" that AMC is advertising (may-be in New York City?). May-be I'm just bitter that the special showcase isn't taking place close to my home in San Francisco (and before you comment, traveling across the bay to Oakland is not worth the trip).

    To see a full list of participating theaters go to