Sundance 2007 Coming To A Theater Near You

There were 122 feature length films at the 2007 Sudnance Film Festival (culled from 3,287 submissions). So far 18 of those movies have been picked up, in addition to the 17 films that entered the festival with US distribution (please note that our list might be short, and our math might be off).

Our good friends at FirstShowing aren't the only ones wondering why The Go-Getter hasn't been picked up yet. I'm also wondering why John August's directional debut The Nines and David Gordon Green's Snow Angels have yet to receive the distribution love. Let's take a look at the Sundance 2007 films coming to a theater near you.

An American Crime [First Look] (August 17)
Angel-A [Sony Pictures Classics] Pre-sold (March 23)
Away From Her [Lionsgate Films] Pre-sold (May 4)
Black Snake Moan [Paramount Vantage] Pre-sold (February 23)
Broken English [HDNet Films, Magnolia??] Pre-sold
Clubland [Warner Independent Pictures] $4,000,000
Crazy Love [Magnolia Pictures] ????
Dedication [The Weinstein Company, First Look Studios] $4,000,000
Eagle vs. Shark [Miramax Films] Pre-sold (June 1)
Fay Grim [Magnolia Pictures] Pre-sold (TBA)
Fido [Lionsgate Films] Pre-sold (June 15)
Grace is Gone [The Weinstein Company] $4,000,000
How She Move [Paramount Vantage] $4,000,000
In the Shadow of the Moon [ThinkFilm] $2,500,000
Joshua [Fox Searchlight] $4,000,000
King of California [First Look Pictures] $3,000,000
La Misma Luna [The Weinstein Company & Fox Searchlight] $5-6,000,000
The Last Mimzy [New Line Cinema] Pre-sold (March 23)
Life Support [HBO Films] Produced
Longford [HBO] Pre-sold (February 17)
My Kid Could Paint That [Sony Pictures Classics] $1,500,000
Nanking [Fortissimo Films] n/a
Once [Summit Entertainment] n/a
Protagonist [IFC & Netflix] sub-$1,000,000
Red Road [Tartan Films] Pre-sold (April 6)
Resurrecting the Champ [Yari Film Group] Pre-sold (???)
Rocket Science [Picturehouse] Pre-sold (August 10)
The Same Moon [Fox Searchlight, The Weinstein Company] $5,000,000
The Savages [Fox Searchlight] Pre-sold (TBA)
The Signal [Magnolia Pictures] $2,300,000
Smiley Face [First Look Pictures] Pre-sold (April 20)
Son of Rambow [Paramount Vantage] $8,000,000+
Teeth [The Weinstein Company & Lionsgate] $1,000,000
The Ten [ThinkFilm & City Lights Home Entertainment] $4,500,000
Trade [Lionsgate Films] Pre-sold (April 13)
Waitress [Fox Searchlight] $4,500,000
Weapons [After Dark Films] $1,000,000
Year of the Dog [Paramount Vantage] Pre-sold (April 13)
Zoo [ThinkFilm] Pre-sold (????)