Jurassic Park 4 Script Leaked Online? [Confirmed Fake]

Movies that are still playing the multiplexes ending up on torrent sites have become a normal occurrence. Movies that have not yet been released have become a rarer occurrence. But what about a big budget summer blockbuster hitting the torrent sites before it even begins production? Thus is the case with Jurassic Park 4.

Update: One of our readers has confirmed the script to be FAKE. See the e-mail message below:

Hello Peter.I wanted to let you know that the script and at least that first picture

(one with the black background that says Coming Summer 2006) are all

from a guy who posts on some JP message boards. So it's not legit.Here is where he posted that script back in 2002, at the Fan Fiction

section of a JP fan site.


Also, in September of 2005, the same guy ran a hoax with that artwork

described above and then admitted to it a few days later.


The screenplay for Jurassic Park IV appears to have been leaked onto the bit torrent websites. The leaked script is titled Dawn of Extinction or New Dawn. The plot centers on a boat carrying a pregnant T-REX and others to a scientific facility in New Jersey. Of course, chaos breaks loose, and the dinosaurs take over the city. One of the leaked concept art pictures has the tagline "No Park, No Fences, No Hope". Another one of the concept pictures touts the release date as Summer 2006, so even if this script is legit one must wonder how much it have have changed since this leak. I can tell you this, the script includes scene numbers and has the notes of a ready shooting script.

The film appears to center on Dr. Ian Malcolm, a chaos theorist who was played by Jeff Goldblum in the original movie.

What we do know: Jurassic Park 4 is currently in the early stages of pre-production, with full production slated to begin as soon as Indiana Jones 4 is completed. I would expect production to begin in late 2008. Jurassic Park III director Joe Johnston has signed on to return. In August 2004, AICN ran a review of a screenplay written by William Monahan and John Sayles. The script followed a mercenary named Nick Harris, a new character to the series who didn't appear in either the novels nor earlier films. Since the review, Steven Spielberg has stated that the script is being re-written.

Anyone have any idea if this leaked script is legit?