Dead Silence Movie Trailer

James Wan smashed into the movie scene with the low budget horror thriller SAW. With the exception of screenplay rewrites on the series' sequels, Wan has been mysteriously quiet – Until now. Dead Silence promises to be creepier than his previous work. The teaser trailer is now online.

You can watch the new teaser trailer at the movie's official website

Dead Silence is a ghost story about a widower, Jamie Ashen, who returns to his hometown to search for answers about his wife's murder. Dolls have always freaked me out (I still contend that the first Shucky movie is still pretty creepy). I'm sure Wan first tapped into this while designing the Jigsaw doll for the SAW series.

The film stars Ryan Kwanten, Amber Valletta, Donnie Wahlberg, and Bob Gunton. Dead Silence will hit theaters on March 23rd, 2007.