New Study Says Men Love Romantic Movies

My friends have always made fun of me because I enjoy Romantic Comedies. May-be it's the fact that I even like the really bad teen romcoms. Truth be told I like most movies. It takes a lot for me not to enjoy a movie. I can always find something to like in even the worst films. Anyway, today I'm slightly vindicated as a study has come out revealing that real men like romantic comedies too.

In the new United States survey, psychology professor Richard Harris from Kansas State University asked 250 men and women to watch a romantic movie together then rate their enjoyment level on a seven point scale, with seven being the top score. The result showed that Women rated the movie at about six but men rated the film at about 4.8, which is much higher than I or most people would have expected.

The study also asked which scene their date would choose to play in the film. Stereotypically most women selected a romantic scene for themselves and a sex scene for their male date. And you guessed it, most of the men did pick the Sex scene.

I'm wondering how much different the findings would be if the surveyed people did not watch the film on a date and instead by themselves. I'm sure the male enjoyment would probably drop a couple points.