Sundance: The Signal Movie Review

Do You Have The Crazy?

Midnight Movies at Sundance can be a mixed bag. One thing is for sure, a midnight viewing at the downtown Egyptian Theater will guarantee a fun crowd. Monday night's premiere of The Signal was no exception.

In the city of Termius, a mysterious signal is being sent through all electronic devices: phones, televisions, radios...etc. The Signal (hence the title) make those who hear/see it go violently insane.Imagine a zombie movie but instead of people dragging themselves through the streets in search of flsh, everyone is in the streets with weapons looking to their fellow humans.

The Signal is hilariously violent. It was filmed by three different directors in three different parts (the first of which is probably the best). It's not just another gory horror film (although it is gory), it is smart and has a relevant social message. It's amazing to see what a bunch of young filmmakers can do on a low budget. Some of these sequences look like they should belong in a big scale movie.

While Tecnology vs. Man is not exactly a new concept, The Signal offers a fun and refreshing version.

/Film Rating: 7 out of 10

Written and Directed by: David Bruckner, Dan Bush, Jacob GentryStarring: Tracy Martin, Scott Poythress, Robert Sterling, Steve Warren