Sundance: Fido Movie Review

Following the great Zombie war (which I'm sure will be chronicled in World War Z), people now live in gated communities outside the "wild zone," an area where Zombies roam free. Thanks to a ZomCor (motto: "Better Life Through Containment") most everyone now owns at least one collar controlled servant Zombie. Until now, everyone except the Robinson family.Young Timmy Robinson (K'Sun Ray) makes friends with Fido (Billy Connolly), who attacks the next-door neighbor, and things spiral out of control. Carrie-Anne Moss and Dylan Baker (who must be the second go-to guy under William H. Macy for the atypical 1950's man) co-star as Helen and Bill Robinson.

While Shaun of the Dead played with the conventions of the Zombie film genre, Fido plays against them. Set in an alternative 1950's suburban American, the story walks the line between parody/satire and black comedy. Hilariously funny and filled with some fresh ideas, Fido is sure to receive a huge reception when it hits theaters nationwide.

Fido makes me wonder how far they can go with the horror comedy genre. When Shaun of the Dead hit, I thought that was it – there could be no others. But I am most certainly wrong.

/Film Rating: 7 out of 10Running Time: 91 min.Release Date: March 9th, 2007 (limited)Distributors: LionsgateStarring: Henry Czerny, Carrie-Anne Moss, Tim Blake Nelson, Billy Connolly, Dylan BakerDirected by: Andrew Currie