Sundance Posters: Teeth, Weapons, An American Crime, Hounddog, Rocket Science

There are tons of new movies premiering at the 2007 Sundance Film Festival. Guess what this means? Poster-mania! Here is our first look at the posters of Sundance 2007.

Teeth Poster

Teeth: One of the most talked about films at the festival. The poster censors out what everyone is talking about, the horrific vagina with teeth.

Weapons Poster

Weapons: Too bad the poster is more entertaining to look at than the movie.

A Nick In Time Poster

A Nick In Time: A great short film playing the festival but bad poster.

An American Crime Poster

An American Crime: It's all in the eyes. (I'm sorry about the flash glare, we couldn't get around it)

Hounddog Poster

Hounddog: Not that anyone actually knows the name of this film, everyone at the festival is referring to it as the Dakota Fanning Rape Movie. But the poster doesn't play up to this major plot point.

Rocket Science Poster

Rocket Science: A horrible poster for a great movie. The poster image has as much to do with the plot of the film as Rocket Science has to do with the story. Don't let this poster fool you, this is a must see Sundance film.

We will return tomorrow with many more.