Pixar's WALL-E Revealed

We've been wondering what Pixar has up their sleeves after Ratatouille. For months now we've been speculating over what exactly Andrew Stanton's follow-up to the Academy Award winning Finding Nemo would be. All we knew was a name. Well now we have a picture.

Disney's Robert A. Iger revealed the first photo from the film in a letter to the Disney shareholders. The letter read:

We're also excited about Pixar's next animated movie, Ratatouille, which will be released this summer. And I'm pleased to give you an exclusive first look at the title character of their next movie, WALL• E (pictured here), which will be released the following year.

Looks pretty cool if you ask me. I always wondered how Robots would have turned out if Pixar made it. Now I might even get an answer.

Wall-E will hit theaters in June of 2008. Expect a theatrical teaser trailer to be attached to Ratatouille.