New Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World's End Concept Art REMOVED

AICN has posted some interesting new concept art from the last film in the Pirates of the Caribbean film series. But I must warn you, many of the images contain huge spoilers. So if you don't want to know Jack Sparrow's fate or worse, if there is in fact a "world's end", don't look behind the magical curtain. I especially digg the pictures which were made in the same feel as the old Disneyland art. Very cool stuff. Let's hope this one was better than Dead Man's Chest.

Update: Disney has asked us to remove the concept art that was included in this post, so we have. Here is their e-mail:

Hi Peter,
The Walt Disney Studios and filmmakers of PIRATES would like to respectfully ask that you to remove the concept art and story spoilers posted today asap. We have already contacted AICN to take it down.