The Simpsons Movie Plot Revealed

The plot of The Simpsons Movie has been a highly guarded secret. Why? We have no idea. The three teaser trailers and leaked comic-con animatics don't reveal much at all in terms of story. IMDb doesn't even have a plot synopsis. So when Microsoft accidently spoiled the plot, I was surprised.

The Simpsons Movie on X-Box Live

The picture above (courtesy of Beldan) shows the X-Box Live description for The Simpsons Movie: "When Homer accidentally pollutes the river with toxic waste from the nuclear power plant he gets fired from his job and everyone has to evacuate Springfield, possibly forever.

Sounds compelling, but not much more so than the typical episode. Am I the only one who thinks this film would have been huge 10 years ago? Now it just seems like a sad ploy for money.