47 Bigfoot Movies Ranked

Everyone has a weakness when it comes to the kinds of movies they can’t help but watch despite the sheer quantity of subjectively bad examples. For me that’s Bigfoot movies.

Bigfoot. Yeti. Sasquatch. Skunk Ape. Bipedal Bob. The big, hairy legend is known by different names around the world, and the movies about the beast have been equally varied. The majority aren’t all that great, but some aim for laughs and others aim for thrills, making it difficult to compare in any responsible way. Luckily for you though I’ve never claimed to be all that responsible. Exhibit A? Below is a ranked list of Bigfoot movies. Lots and lots of Bigfoot movies. More Bigfoot movies than any one person should probably watch in their lifetime. And I’ve ranked them… for you.

Because genre and intent vary so much between them I looked at three different factors – 1) the story, or basically what the film does with Bigfoot, 2) the actual look and design of the creature, and 3) the film’s overall entertainment value.

With that in mind, here’s the ultimate Bigfoot movie ranking from worst to best! (Note: Despite my very strong urge to do so, I’m not including the TV show Bigfoot and Wildboy or the classic Six Million-Dollar Man two-parter where Steve Austin fights Bigfoot.)

47. 1313: Bigfoot Island (2012)

Story? Friends cross paths with Bigfoot on an island after (maybe?) assaulting a woman and losing their shirts there the year before.

Monster? Imagine a cat coughed up a hairball. What you’re picturing is a more convincing Bigfoot than the one here.

Entertainment? Director David DeCoteau is physically capable of making fun, low-budget movies as evidenced by genre fare like Puppet Master III and Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama, but he appears to have left that talent back in the ‘80s. The monster is a joke, and the rest of the movie is one shirtless guy after the next walking, walking, walking through the woods before apparently dying.

46. Bigfoot vs D.B. Cooper (2014)

Story? Shirtless young men with little guns roam the woods around their rural estate and are soon visited by Bigfoot and D.B. Cooper.

Monster? Pretty sure it’s the same one from above.

Entertainment? David DeCoteau returns to the Bigfoot subgenre with equally uninspired results, but hey, at least the end of the film explains why Cooper was never found. Spoiler… he’s Bigfoot?

45. Black Water Sasquatch (2014)

Story? Bodies begin piling up in a small town, and while some suspect the killings are related to the growing drug trade others think it could be Bigfoot.

Monster? It’s someone in a furry onesie.

Entertainment? On the one hand, the film stands apart from the crowd by bringing detectives and drug-related crimes into the mix, but on the other? This is garbage. The Bigfoot shenanigans take a back seat too often to the cops discussing the crimes and the case in bland, poorly shot exchanges. Even when Bigfoot does appear it’s no more exciting.

44. Fear the Forest (2009)

Story? College kids cross paths with Bigfoot when they head into woods where the beast killed some folks ten years prior.

Monster? Ha! No. He looks like a squat furball with an over-sized head that resembles a Chinese New Year dragon.

Entertainment? It’s cool that people love Bigfoot enough to go ahead and make a Bigfoot movie despite having no discernible talents behind the camera, but what are the odds they’d find such an equally skilled cast? This shot-on-video effort feels like a community effort from the direction and editing on through the scoring and creature effects. It’s terrible, and not even the martial arts champion “final girl” can save it.

43. Wild Men (2017)

Story? Filmmakers behind a wildlife reality show cross paths with Bigfoot while looking for Bigfoot.

Monster? It’s a tall guy in a long-haired costume with a mildly flexible face mask.

Entertainment? This is a horrible movie. The characters and performances are painful to watch, and the constant attempts at comedy are like watching the last, desperate breaths of drowning squirrel. But like, a squirrel who’s a real dick. It commits nearly every found footage sin, and the only reason it ranks slightly above DeCoteau’s double feature of boredom is that its opening text explains that the footage was put through the post-production process thus explaining the edits, musical score, etc. That’s not a reason to watch it though.

42. Curse of Bigfoot (1975)

Story? A teacher tells his students about the legend of Bigfoot.

Monster? The filmmakers apparently collected roadkill over the course of a few days, sewed the corpses together into an ill-fitting suit, and voila! Bigfoot.

Entertainment? The film mixes documentary-ish footage with narrative portrayals, but you won’t care about any of it. It’s amateur hour from beginning to end, and the disjointed structure ensures there’s nothing compelling people to watch through to the end.

41. Bigfoot vs Zombies (2016)

Story? When a zombie army threatens humanity, the only being strong enough to stop them is Bigfoot. Obviously.

Monster? This is not a good Bigfoot costume, and they know it.

Entertainment? The title suggests a fun sense of humor and possibility, but the execution is every bit as cheap and terrible as you expect. Laughably bad performances look positively Oscar-worthy compared to the script, effects, and direction, but it’s clear this is exactly as intended.

40. Sasquatch: The Legend of Bigfoot (1976)

Story? The legend of Bigfoot is explored.

Monster? There are several, but aside from seeing them in silhouette as they toss rocks onto a cabin, below they’re pretty much indistinguishable from the shadows.

Entertainment? The film’s narrated like a documentary without the addition of talking heads being interviewed. Instead we’re shown historical/nature documentary footage before we shift into a narrative with the action constantly explained via the narration of someone who was there. “I stopped for lunch. I did this. I did that.” Skip it and eat your own lunch instead.

39. Field Freak (2016)

Story? A writer and his family cross paths with Bigfoot while staying at a remote cabin.

Monster? It’s a dude wearing a saggy, ill-fitting costume that’s about two feet taller than he is.

Entertainment? Bigfoot movies are tough enough to get right, but a good Bigfoot comedy is even more of a rarity. This is not one of those rare ones. The comedy is broad and consistently unfunny, and any hope that the Bigfoot scenes will salvage it are dashed by the arrival of Bigfoot.

38. Night Claws (2012)

Story? A small town is terrorized by a murderous Bigfoot.

Monster? Impossible to see until the very last moments at which point he’s pretty much what you expect.

Entertainment? It opens well with horny teens slaughtered in the back seat of their ‘57 Chevy, but it immediately devolves into a poorly acted/directed slog. Dialogue and exposition feel endless, and while there’s a mildly interesting turn in the script, it’s not nearly enough to justify a watch. The bigfoot action is shrouded in darkness thanks to some of the worst ‘day for night’ filmmaking you’ve ever seen. It’s like they’ve turned the contrast down and then added a blue filter.

37. Bigfoot County (2012)

Story? A filmmaker and his brother cross paths with diddlers while looking for Bigfoot in the forest.

Monster? He’s an afterthought and appears only at the very end at a distance.

Entertainment? The typical found footage sins are on display, including dull stretches, and the cameraman filming the cast instead of the action with the worst example being filming his brother screaming as the guy’s lady friend is dragged away into the night. Most of us would be shining the light on the woman, maybe even chasing after her, but not these guys. Anyway, it’s stupid, and not even weirdly out of the blue hillbilly rape can redeem it.

36. Deadly Descent: The Abominable Snowman (2013)

Story? Friends cross paths with some yetis while shredding on the slopes.

Monster? It’s mostly bad news as the creatures are all CG – and not the good kind – but I can’t help but give the movie points for messing with the yetis’ appearance some by having them walk like gorillas with powerful forearms.

Entertainment? The shoddy CG prevents much in the way of thrills, but even if the effects were top notch, the blandness of the characters and action would still hold things back. It’s just never all that exciting even as our military-trained heroes are facing off against the animated beasts.

35. Lost Woods (2012)

Story? Friends cross paths with Bigfoot while camping in the woods.

Monster? It’s a big, hairy muscle suit that makes you think he should cut back on his upper body workouts, and the head is a mix of digital work and pigtails.

Entertainment? The film tries to pair an underdog in search of himself with the horror of the monster’s onslaught, but the script and acting prevent us from connecting with the lead’s dilemma. An end reveal is equally unsuccessful leaving only a handful of the Bigfoot’s actions to entertain, including him clotheslining a guy and doing a digitally-enhanced leap across a chasm. Also: don’t put a character in an obvious and horrendous wig for half the movie without letting viewers in on why.

34. Throwback (2014)

Story? Two prospectors cross paths with a Yowie in the Australian outback.

Monster? There’s a reason it appears mostly out of focus or hidden behind trees.

Entertainment? The film starts promisingly enough, and it’s always nice soaking in the Australian scenery, but no. In addition to the creature’s clear cheapness, the action is so poorly staged and crafted as to be offensive. The script is no better, with characters behaving as if there isn’t a damn Bigfoot creature standing in front of them.

33. Bigfoot: The Lost Coast Tapes (2012)

Story? A journalist and his crew cross paths with Bigfoot while looking for the creature,

Monster? It’s never fully clear, but the best look we get is of something decidedly un-Bigfoot-like.

Entertainment? This is a tough one because the final moments are legitimately cool, but getting there is such a slog of found footage idiocy. A story shift adds some mildly intriguing possibilities, but not enough is done with it to satisfy and make the obnoxious format worth suffering through. But that ending… it’s pretty nifty.

32. Howls (2011)

Story? Friends cross paths with Bigfoot while looking for their dog in the woods.

Monster? We don’t really see the creatures all that close up, but the costume looks like a cross between a Cro-Magnon man and an orangutang.

Entertainment? The film runs under 80 minutes, but nearly 70 of them consist either of these guys griping to each other, walking through the woods, or griping to each other while walking through the woods. There’s a brief bit of suspense and running towards the end, but it’s too little too late and amounts to nothing of note. The score is nice though.

31. Snow Beast (2011)

Story? People and predators are disappearing in the Canadian wilderness, and a research scientist (John Schneider) and his moody teenage daughter find themselves in a fight for their lives when they discover the yeti behind the slaughter.

Monster? It’s a big, white, furry suit with a face that snarls despite barely moving. It’s not terrible, but it’s not good.

Entertainment? A rough script makes for a mediocre affair, and the wobbly tone doesn’t help as it wants viewers to laugh even as what’s happening onscreen suggests we should be doing otherwise.

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