The 25 Best Movie Robots of All Time

Best Movie Robots of All Time

This weekend, director Neill Blomkamp adds a new member to an exclusive club: movies with really cool robots. It’s a cross-section of movies big and small that drive the story forward with characters made of metal and wire. Sometimes they’re menacing, sometimes they’re hilarious, but the best movie robots are always unforgettable.

In honor of Blomkamp’s movie, Chappie, I’ve ranked my 25 favorite movie robots of all time. It wasn’t an easy task. There are so many subtle differences you have to consider. Is a cyborg a robot? Is an alien a robot? For example, Darth Vader is “more machine than man,” just like RoboCop. Are they both robots? In the end I went with my gut. If the character felt like a robot, or its robotic nature added something to the movie, it made the list. Also, this is (once again) a personal list. I didn’t grow up on Westworld or The Day the Earth Stood Still. I never really felt like Blade Runner‘s replicants were robots. So it’s a little weird and surprising but hopefully that’s why you want to check it out. Hit the jump to find out the 25 Best Movie Robots of All Time.

25 Best Movie Robots of All Time


25. Chappie, Chappie (2015)

Yes Neill Blomkamp’s latest creation is new. And no, the movie isn’t that good. But Chappie is unlike any robot you’ve ever seen, wrapping innocence and strength into one very interesting and fun package.


24. Future Sentinels, X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014)

The Sentinels have always been a big part of the X-Men universe. I loved them in the comics and while their first major big screen incarnation was very different from their comic book origins, they were beautiful, deadly and so unbeatable that the X-Men had to change time to do triumph over them.

Matrix Sentinel

23. Sentinels, The Matrix (1999)

The spider-like like killing machines that rule over the real world in the Wachowskis’ masterpiece are both terrifying and really, really sleek. You’re scared of them, but you want to see more.

AI Robots

22. Gigolo Joe, A.I. Artificial Intelligence (2001)

Haley Joel Osment’s David may have been the main character but it was Jude Law’s character that always made me laugh. His tangible human features and winning personality are just so perfect.

Robby the Robot Forbidden Planet

21. Robbie, Forbidden Planet (1956)

He’s clunky, he’s weird, but few robots are more iconic, influential or memorable than Robbie the Robot.

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