22 Jump Street blu-ray

The second 2014 film from Phil Lord and Chris Miller, 22 Jump Street, doesn’t have much material that counts as serious. The movie is almost two hours long, but is wall-to-wall jokes, sight gags, action sequences, and deadpan comedy. As an experiment, and ultimately a winking way to emphasize the degree to which the movie is a long string of jokes, Lord and Miller have crafted what they’re calling the “dramatic and unfunny” cut. It is ten minutes long. That, along with a host of deleted scenes, will appear on the 22 Jump Street blu-ray. Get the details below.

Collider talked to the directors about editing the film, and got the info about some of the blu extras.

Miller: The blu-ray is going to have like 45 minutes of scenes that we thought were funny, but couldn’t fit into the structure.

Lord: And there was some stuff that was story things that didn’t have a lot to do with Channing and Jonah. What we learned in testing was anytime those guys were apart, all anyone wanted to see was them back together. That dominated the movie. There are some really beautiful scenes with other characters that are going to be on the DVD and Blu.

Miller: This is literally 45 minutes of footage.

Lord: Plus we did an extra thing. As an experiment, we said “what if we took out anything that was supposed to be a joke, and see how much movie is left.” And have it be just story.

Miller: It was 10 minutes long. It’s a weird conceptual piece.

Here’s the video interview, which also has some talk about the end credits and potential further films in the series:

22 Jump Street opens this weekend, and the Blu will likely be on shelves by fall.

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