/Film’s 20 Favorite Holiday Movies of All Time

National Lampoons Christmas Vacation

This Christmas, the collective entity of /Film pooled their efforts together to present this gift. Earlier this week, I polled all our writers and editors for their top ten holiday films of all time. I then gave each film on each list a 1 to 10 ranking. 10 points for first place, 1 point for 10th place, and added up the results. What were the results? Pretty predictable, if you ask me, but fun nevertheless.

Still, there were plenty of great movies on the list and weird subplots to explore. For example, only two of us put the same film number one, and it just so happens to be our overall top pick. However, another writer hasn’t even seen that movie. (Until late last night, as it turns out.) Which film is it? And what did it beat out? You’ll have to click below to read /Film’s 20 Favorite Holiday movies of all time.

Go Lethal Boy

20th (Three-way tie)  РAbout A Boy (2002), Go (1999) and Lethal Weapon (1987)

These three films each came in 5th place on three different lists, but no one else event mentioned them. Probably because, when you think of these movies – all wonderful in their own ways – Christmas isn’t really the first thought. Well, maybe with Lethal Weapon because writer Shane Black is obsessed with Christmas.

Ref Shop Corner

17th (Two-way tie) – The Ref (1994) and The Shop Around the Corner (1940)

Each of these films came in fourth place on two different lists and received no other votes. Again, it goes with the last spot where each film is great (Shop Around the Corner is kind of the other Jimmy Stewart Christmas movie) but that aspect is might be overshadowed for a reason or two. Still, nice that they got represented.


15. The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)

I honestly thought Jack Skellington would fare better. The classic stop-motion animated film made two lists, topping out at #6 on one. Maybe the fact it’s both a Christmas movie as well as a Halloween movie lost it some points. Still, a great movie and a worthy entry onto the list.

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

14. Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang (2005)

Shane Black loves Christmas. Whenever possible, he sets his movies there and this being his directorial debut, Christmas is always in the background in an otherwise unrelated twisty, turny, insanely underrated and awesome detective thriller. It made two lists, topping out at #6.

The Apartment

13. The Apartment (1960)

Billy Wilder’s all-time classic film, Christmas or not, only made one list but it was #1 on that list. (Find out who on the last page). That’s probably because most people wouldn’t necessarily consider this a Christmas movie, even though it plays a mjor role in it. It’s usually just thought of as one of the best films ever, period so, it’s nice to get some holiday representation.

Gremlins ride

12. Gremlins (1984)

Frankly, another surprise. Gremlins not cracking the top ten on this website seems crazy. In fact, it did make four lists – same as the #1 overall film – but topped out at #7. Watching the movie today, 30 years after its release, it still holds up for its unique, dark humor, crowd pleasing antics and unforgettable creatures. Plus it’s unabashedly Christmas.

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