Alfred Says Goodbye to Bruce – I presume this is supposed to be a monumental moment, a moment when this constant presence in Bruce Wayne’s life turns his back on him. Only it happens with such clunky, stilted dialogue and in such a poorly staged way (the hallway outside of the batcave? really?) that I literally cringed at how bad it was.

Why Wouldn’t the SEC Just Overturn Bane’s Fraudulent Trades – I mean, it’s pretty clear that they were done under fraudulently, right? Else what the hell did they think Bane was doing there?

Christian Bale and Marion Cotillard Have Sex – On the one hand, yes these are two very attractive individuals. Why shouldn’t they give in to their carnal desires? On the other, more reasonable hand, there is virtually no development in the relationship between these two. They’re running in the rain, then they start making out, then in the next scene they’re naked. If only real-life romance worked like this…

Seriously though, with no emotional attachment to this relationship, Talia’s eventual betrayal is nothing more than a Shyamalan-style twist with no impact behind it. A missed opportunity.

So Batman is a street artist now? – After months away, being mentally tortured and physically broken, Bruce Wayne returns to Gotham. He spends the first few hours of what could be the final day in Gotham history getting purposely caught by Bane’s cronies, a huge risk, and then escapes and saves Commissioner Gordon and John Blake with mere seconds to spare. Yet somehow, with this impossibly frightening ticking clock, he finds the time to use gasoline to make a huge Bat symbol on the top of a bridge with the knowledge Gordon will be there, pick up the flare, and light it up. Theatrically is part of Batman’s persona, yes, but it seems like there might have been a better use of his time.

Bruce Wayne Forgets to Do Proper Background Checks – You would think that after Ra’s al Ghul and members of the League of Shadows crashed Wayne’s birthday party and burnt down the Wayne mansion that a stricter security policy would have been implemented for Wayne Manor events. First he hires a maid who’s actually a notorious cat burglar, then he hires a woman to head his board who’s actually the daughter of one of the most villainous individuals out there. Shouldn’t he have done a little more digging before surrounding himself with these individuals? Speaking of which, if Anne Hathaway’s Selina is easily able to adopt fake identities and hack super encrypted passwords (like the one on Wayne’s expensive safe) why does she need the Clean Slate program so badly? I mean, its probably the worst MacGuffin in the Nolan Batman trilogy.

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