Let's Talk About Luke And Emma's CIA Missions In FUBAR

This post contains spoilers for Netflix's "FUBAR."

"FUBAR" features the coolest 65-year-old CIA operative, Luke Brunner, who busts Russian mobsters and takes down baddies in style. Played by Arnold Schwarzenegger, who couldn't be more perfect for the role, Luke had an eventful run as a CIA agent over the years and is finally ready to retire and spend more time with his family. However, his plans are thwarted when he is pulled into one last mission in Guyana, where he must extract another agent codenamed Panda while stopping an illegal arms dealer from putting a nuke suitcase up for auction. While such a mission would generally be a cakewalk for someone like Brunner, things get complicated when he discovers that his daughter Emma (Monica Barbaro) is the agent he is meant to extract.

Owing to the nature of his job, Luke was never been able to be around his family much, which eventually led to his wife divorcing him a while back. While Luke maintains amicable bonds with his children, they hardly know who he really is, and while Luke thinks he knows his kids well, Emma's involvement shakes the foundation of his trust. Similarly, Emma, who only ever thought of her dad as a charming, harmless sales agent, is heartbroken by the reveal, and the two can't stop being quippy with one another even when they're trapped in the enemy's compound. From this point on, they need to work together as a team to catch Boro (Gabriel Luna), who is getting dangerously close to his mission to enter the nuclear arms race and further his father's legacy.

The CIA missions that Luke and Emma participate in are rather convoluted, so let's trace the events and see how they arrive at the critical juncture in the final episode of "FUBAR."

The stint in Guyana, and a wild train chase

Luke specializes in infiltration and undercover operations, and one such stint led him to pose as mercenary Finn Hoss, who struck up a friendship with Boro's father during Operation Junglebook. Now that Boro is back with a vengeance, Emma — codenamed Panda — was sent on a covert operation to intercept the weapons of mass destruction (WMD) that Boro plans to sell to the highest bidder. However, Panda loses comms during the operation, and Luke is sent to extract her under the guise of Hoss, who Boro welcomes with open arms. The operation is time-sensitive too, as Troy, one of Boro's dealers, has figured out Emma's cover, and is returning soon to expose her.

As night falls, Luke and Emma apprehend Troy and kill him and some henchmen, but Boro discovers the bodies the morning after. As one of the bodies has a distinct MO of a slit throat, which is Hoss' signature move, Boro figures out the betrayal pretty early on and a chase ensues. Luke and Emma grab the WMD and eventually manage to escape, thanks to CIA backup.

This, however, is only the beginning of Operation Boro, as NSA member Tina Mukherji (Aparna Brielle) provides crucial intelligence that Boro plans to rob a Maglev train transporting nuclear waste. After a series of bungled decisions later, Luke and Emma are able to put their differences aside and stop Boro from carrying out the extraction, while also making sure that the accelerated train doesn't crash and burn, hence saving thousands that they endangered in the first place. In the meanwhile, Boro launches a cyber search for Emma using his team of hackers while kidnapping a Moldovian scientist, Dr. Novac, to help extract fissile nuclear material from the dregs of waste he was able to siphon from the train. 

Operation Honeypot, and a prison escape

Handsome CIA agent Aldon (Travis Van Winkle) is expected to be the "honeypot" to trap Nika Stalinovich, who happens to have the Moldovian physicist's research paper on her. However, Nika turns out to be Nik A. Stalinovich, and Aldon has to abort his seduction mission while Emma takes over. After being invited to Nik's heavily-guarded compound, Emma uses a fake gaming app to override data encryption on Nik's laptop and sleeps with him to extract the hard copy of the research paper from his safe. While Nik finds out and points a gun at her, Emma is able to talk out of the situation and walk out of there unscathed.

A kidnapped Dr. Novac tells Boro that he needs a miniature nuclear reactor to extract the nuclear fissure particles, which leads him to search for potential sellers. This prompts the team to break The Great Dane (Adam Pally) out of a Turkish prison as he is someone Boro trusts. The rescue operation, involving a plane and a balloon hook, goes off without a hitch and Dane is able to lure Boro in for the deal. As expected, things go south during the exchange, but the gang manages to take Boro into custody — but he cleverly evades their questions and proposes a deal.

While the CIA agrees, Boro, to nobody's surprise, betrays them! Managing to escape and ambush the CIA in locations that were apparently rigged with bombs, Boro triggers yet another wild goose chase. This time, the world is actually in peril, as he has rigged certain locations to blow up. As if these world-ending shenanigans were not enough, Luke and Emma have to constantly juggle their private and professional selves, which entails lying to their loved ones and doing everything to maintain their covers. 

The final mission

In the finale, Emma and Boro are revealed to have worked together to escape the nuclear reactor facility rigged to blow, while Luke tries his best to save his daughter. Boro, however, is left behind to die and the facility blows up, seemingly killing him. They say that an undercover operative can never catch a break, and they're right — a burnt Boro emerges during the wedding of Tally, Luke's ex-wife, and her boyfriend, Donnie. Boro holds a gun to Tally's head and after a tense confrontation that ends in a stalemate, Tally ends up stabbing Boro with the sharp medal in her pocket, allowing Luke and Emma to kill the bad guy for good.

That's a happy ending, right? Wrong! While Luke is able to stop his ex-wife from marrying Donnie, and the day is saved, thanks to a string of implausible coincidences, the gang soon realizes that they are being tracked by terrorists and that their covers are completely blown. Talk about things going completely FUBAR, just when Luke and Emma thought they could just chill after one of the most grueling missions of their life. The duo still has a lot of issues to work through, as they're incapable of not antagonizing each other during high-risk situations, and it seems like they might have to work on more missions together to figure things out. Here's to another quippy father-daughter CIA mission with the fate of the world at stake.

"FUBAR" is currently streaming on Netflix.