Halle Berry And Angelina Jolie Set To Clash In Action Thriller Maude V Maude

After years and years of being hugely successful, Oscar-winning stars that have had tremendous success at the box office, respectively, two powerhouse actresses are going to share the screen for the very first time in a new action-thriller. The movie in question is "Maude v Maude" and it will see Halle Berry ("X-Men") and Angelina Jolie ("Maleficent") going toe-to-toe. Here's what we know about the project thus far.

According to Deadline, plot details are largely being kept under wraps but it is being described as a "Bond vs. Bourne" global action thriller. The package was subject to a pretty intense bidding war, but Warner Bros. came out on top and will release the movie when the time comes. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed, but one assumes they paid a pretty penny for the privilege. But Warner Bros. didn't just buy a pair of stars: they bought a script from a veteran of the industry as well as a director who is looking to make the jump to legitimate blockbusters with this one.

Who is directing and writing Maude v Maude?

Scott Mosier penned the script for "Maude v Maude," and he will also be on board as an executive producer. If that name sounds familiar, it's because Mosier has been in the industry a long time, largely known for his collaborations with director Kevin Smith, dating back to "Clerks." But this is by far his most high-profile gig to date as a writer, though he previously penned the animated movie "Free Birds" as well as several episodes of "Ultimate Spider-Man."

As for the director's chair, that will be occupied by Roseanne Liang, who has worked on TV shows in the past such as "Flat3" and "Unboxed." On the feature side, she helmed 2020's action/horror flick "Shadow in the Cloud." She is also set to direct several episodes of Netflix's live-action "Avatar: The Last Airbender" series. But this is by far her biggest movie up to this point. Liang will also serve as an executive producer. Additionally, Berry and Jolie will serve as producers on the film.

There is no word yet on just how soon production will get underway but, as of this writing, Jolie has several projects in pre-production, while Berry also has a few movies on her to-do pile. That said, priorities can quickly change and, with Warner Bros. shelling out a lot of money for this package, it wouldn't be surprising if things start coming together quickly behind the scenes.

"Maude v Maude" does not yet have a release date.