Mrs. Davis Co-Creator Would Be 'Very Proud' If The Show Ends After Season 1, But Is Open To More

Peacock is bringing "Lost" creator Damon Lindelof back to TV this month with "Mrs. Davis," a sci-fi series he co-created alongside Tara Hernandez. The two make for an interesting pair as Lindelof is known for shows like "The Leftovers" and "Watchmen," while Hernandez is probably known best for her work on "The Big Bang Theory" and "Young Sheldon." Together, they've crafted one heck of a wild ride with Betty Gilpin ("The Hunt") at its center as a nun trying to destroy the world's most powerful AI. So, will this be a one-season wonder? Or might we be going on this journey for years to come? It could go either way but, rather crucially, no matter what happens, audiences won't be left hanging.

I had the very good fortune of speaking with both Lindelof and Hernandez in honor of the release of "Mrs. Davis" on Peacock (read our review here). During my chat with Hernandez, we discussed whether or not they planned this as a single-season, limited series, or if they envisioned it as a multi-season journey. Hernandez said the following:

"I really love a great season of television. I love a story that's introduced. I love a nice conclusion on it. I think we had to know where we were ending up. We pitched the show, when we pitched it, it was very important to have the landing place."

So it sounds very much like this won't turn into a "Lost" situation where it's getting made up as they go along. As for a possible future? "I love the world. It's been really fun," Hernandez told me. "I love the people we get to work with. I would love to do more and I think it can sustain more, but I will be very, very proud if it's eight and done."

Not just chasing their tails

There is something to be said for creators of a TV show in the streaming era planning ahead like this. Far gone are the days of shows running for five or more seasons and 100 episodes with regularity. In the age of Netflix and other streaming giants, shows can often end after just a couple of seasons with little or no warning, leaving us cliffhangers to contend with or, at best, unsatisfying conclusions. "The Midnight Club" and "Paper Girls" are just a couple of examples of recent streaming shows that concluded far too soon in the eyes of their viewers.

That being the case, it's nice to hear that Hernandez and Lindelof very much took this into account when putting together "Mrs. Davis." Whether or not that season 1 of several or the only one we get remains to be seen. Speaking further, Hernandez delved a bit further into their thinking in developing the show.

"It has a landing place. We had to know what the North Star was, especially in a show that can feel like, is this going to go off the rails? Are they just going to be chasing their tails? Just my personal preference about storytelling, I think whether that comes from really loving future films or just loving a hero's journey, that's a really close loop narrative. So I think the world of 'Mrs. Davis' is such that it has legs, but I think it is a great eight episodes. If that's what it is, it's just a really nice story. And people will be satisfied. And it's up to them."

"Mrs. Davis" premieres April 20 on Peacock.