Pete Davidson Will Return To Saturday Night Live As A Guest Host On May 6. Okay!

Former "Saturday Night Live" cast member Pete Davidson simply couldn't stay away from 30 Rock for too long. Less than a year after he made his final appearance as a regular cast member, Davidson is set to return as a guest host for the upcoming May 6 episode, accompanied by musical guest Lil Uzi Vert. The details for the next show were confirmed during the April 15 episode, which was hosted by Ana de Armas.

Davidson started on "SNL" back in 2014, at the tender age of 20, and left at the end of season 47 alongside several other regular cast members: Aidy Bryant, Kate McKinnon, and Kyle Mooney. In an emotional message on Instagram that expressed his love for the "SNL" crew and his mixed feelings of sadness and happiness about the finale, Davidson signed off by saying, "Can't wait to be back next year in a [John] Mulaney musical number."

Should we take that as a sign that there'll be a Mulaney musical number on May 6? Why not! Let's see if we can manifest it.

Return of the king

Pete Davidson played many characters during his time on "Saturday Night Live," but he's best known for portraying a laidback, monosyllabic underachiever called Chad who is mysteriously irresistible to everyone he comes into contact with — from a sexually frustrated housewife played by Julia Louis-Dreyfus (see above), to a passionate yet repressed college professor (Benedict Cumberbatch, giving 110% to his performance).

In a curious case of life imitating, Davidson's time on "SNL" coincided with a series of real-life romantic entanglements with some of the most famous, beautiful, and famously beautiful women in entertainment: from Ariana Grande to Kate Beckinsale to Kim Kardashian. 

When he's not being a modern-day Casanova, Davidson is also the star of upcoming Peacock series "Bupkis," an action-comedy in which he plays an exaggerated version of himself. He also serves as a writer and executive producer on the show. The stacked cast includes Edie Falco, Joe Pesci, Sebastian Stan, Steve Buscemi, and current "SNL" cast member Kenan Thompson (seen this week playing the lesser-known Nintendo character Funky Kong).

"Saturday Night Live" is taking a couple of weeks off, but will return to NBC on May 6 at 8:30 p.m. PT/11:30 p.m. ET.