DC's Creature Commandos Cast Revealed: David Harbour, Alan Tudyk, Maria Bakalova & More

The next era of the DC Cinematic Universe is kicking into gear with news from "Creature Commandos," the weirdest upcoming title from the era of James Gunn and Peter Safran's leadership. The animated series brings back everyone's favorite disgusting creature Weasel alongside other wacky heroes like a mermaid doctor, the bride of Frankenstein, and *checks notes* military man Rick Flag Sr. Yes, Flag — the only member of the squad who could walk the streets without causing panic — is definitely the odd one out. The team of weirdos (and Rick Flag) are more than just their looks, though — they now have voices in the form of some very recognizable actors. The "Creature Commandos" voice cast has officially been unveiled to include David Harbour, Indira Varma, Alan Tudyk, Maria Bakalova, Zoe Chao, and more.

The news, first reported by Collider and later confirmed by Gunn on Twitter, also reveals that the show's main protagonist is Bride of Frankenstein, a version of the classic horror character who will be voiced here by Indira Varma. David Harbour will voice Eric Frankenstein, her ostensible love interest. The team also includes Chao as the voice of Nina Mazursky, an amphibious scientist; Sean Gunn will voice a military android called G.I. Robot and reprise his role as Weasel from "The Suicide Squad"; Tudyk will voice the radioactive Batman villain Doctor Phosphorus, and Frank Grillo will play Rick Flag Sr., the father of Joel Kinnaman's Rick Flag, Jr.

Don't forget, DC casting news now carries extra weight as Gunn has stressed that new casting will remain consistent across mediums. In other words, if these characters appear in movies or TV shows, be they animated or live-action, the same performers will reprise their roles.

Old friends and new!

The newly announced cast members will join two other DCEU returners: Viola Davis will once again terrify as Amanda Waller (ahead of headlining her own live-action series "Waller"), and Steve Agee will return as Peacemaker's buddy, John Economos.

In the comics, the Creature Commandos are a precursor to the Suicide Squad, brought together decades ago to fight against Nazis during World War II. But with Amanda Waller and John Economos expected to return, the timeline will likely be adjusted. Either the Commandos will remain a precursor, with their adventures coming before the events of 2016's "Suicide Squad," or they'll simply come together to keep the timeline as we know it moving forward.

"Creature Commandos" kicks off the DCU in 2024 as part of "Chapter One: Gods and Monsters." The series, for which Gunn wrote all seven episodes, is already in production.