The Bad Batch Season 3 Footage Reaction: The Batch Will Return One Last Time

At Star Wars Celebration Europe, fans were treated to an exclusive look at what was announced as the third and final season of "The Bad Batch." After the stunning events of season 2 and the loss of one of the membersof the Bad Batch, fans were eager to hear the creators and voices of "The Bad Batch" talk about the arc of the season and the emotional roller coaster it took everyone on.

Ultimately, according to "The Bad Batch" star Dee Bradley Baker, "Star Wars" is about hope, and he explained that's why the journeys of the Bad Batch have been so rewarding for him to explore during the course of the show. After an emotional hour of discussing the show, a brand new and exclusive teaser of the third and final season of "The Bad Batch" was revealed.

What did we see?

The trailer begins with a voice-over of Emperor Palpatine, visiting the facility on Mount Tantiss, and the new villain of the show, Dr. Royce Hemlock, with his red Imperial guards in tow. "It is imperative that this facility remain secure," he says to Hemlock. "Your brilliance is a great asset to this Empire."

This seems to further imply that they're sowing the seeds of Palpatine's return in "The Rise of Skywalker" right here and now, this far back in the timeline, which would make sense because Rey's father would need to be produced on the earlier end of the timeline of the Dark Times than later.

Through the course of the trailer, the Bad Batch vow to find Mount Tantiss and get Omega back, which is interspersed with shots of an older Omega in a prison with Crosshair. She tells Crosshair she's not going to give up on him because he's her brother, but he gets angry, reminding her that he's not like the other clones of Clone Force 99.

At one point, Captain Rex tells the Bad Batch that Omega is vital to whatever the Empire is doing at Mount Tantiss, implying at least the Batch discovers quickly where Omega is being held.

A pair of surprise returns to the show were met by shouts of glee from the audience. Those were the appearance of fan-favorite bounty hunter played by Ming-Na Wen, Fennec Shand, and fan-favorite clone Commander Wolffe (who will show up later in the timeline in "Star Wars Rebels.")

Wrecker gets to shine in the trailer, too, asking why there's always got to be giant monsters. We saw an entire montage of various giant monsters before Wrecker dropped a thermal detonator into the mouth of one.

What this season has to resolve...

After the stunning events of the second season of "The Bad Batch," there are a number of questions a third and final season will have to resolve. Will the Bad Barch itself make it out of this part of the timeline and get their happily ever after as a family? Will they join up with the nascent parts of the Rebellion to help their fellow clones? Will they all go the way of Tech and sacrifice themselves for the greater good?

Anything is possible on that front.

Perhaps the bigger question to be answered is why Hemlock needs Omega and what he's working on. In the last season, we learned that he was working on cloning the Zillo Beast, but Palpatine's interest really implies so much more. There is also the huge dangling cliffhanger about Emerie Karr, who revealed at the end of the second season that she was actually a sister of Omega's as well. What were the Kaminoans doing?

Mount Tantiss also plays a major part in the story of Grand Admiral Thrawn's return to the galaxy, at least in the Legends timeline. With him coming back in the "Ahsoka" series, does that mean the end of "The Bad Batch" will tie more directly into that show before it starts?

There are so much different places the show can go from here and so many questions left to be answered, and that open-ended storytelling is really exciting.

Last season really ended with a vibe akin to "The Empire Strikes Back," so I fully hope season three gives us more "Return of the Jedi," which we know turned out pretty well for the heroes.

All of these questions will be answered when "The Bad Batch" returns to Disney+. No date was given for the broadcast of season three, and the trailer ended with a title card that read "Now in Production."

The first two seasons of "The Bad Batch" are currently streaming on Disney+ in their entirety.