Donald Glover Might Be Involved With The Community Movie, After All

"Community" is one of the biggest underdog stories in recent TV history. The show was on the verge of cancellation from the moment it first went on air, but somehow, this incredibly niche sitcom about an eclectic group of people starting a study group at a community college became the little show that could.

Whether it was poor ratings, controversy, the firing of a showrunner or two, the move to a streaming service, or even the death of said streaming service, nothing could keep this show from fulfilling its long-prophesied mantra, "six seasons and a movie."

What began as a simple throwaway joke about short-lived, high concept shows on NBC and exactly how long shows should last became a rallying cry for "Community" as its network threatened to cancel the show again and again. According to creator Dan Harmon, this is the middle ground between a show getting canceled too early and it overstaying its welcome. Still, even after "Community" wrapped its sixth season, the idea of a movie remained far-fetched, especially as its cast became too well-known to align schedules and return for a low-budget comedy movie — until now.

Last year it was announced that the "Community" movie was actually, officially (for real this time) happening at Peacock — and most of the cast was returning, too. Yvette Nicole Brown and Donald Glover's names were missing from the official announcement, leading many to wonder if they would not be participating in the film. In the months that followed, Dan Harmon hinted that Glover would be back, and now we have confirmation from the man himself.

During an interview with GQ about his most iconic roles, Glover seems to have confirmed his involvement in the "Community" movie, or at least knowledge of its status.

"We're supposed to be shooting it soon," he said. "Haven't seen the script, don't know ... and in true Dan [Harmon] fashion, we'll probably get it on the first day. But yeah, it's supposed to be happening."

Come sail away with me

The thing about Troy Barnes' role in the "Community" movie is that we kinda know what happened to him after he left the study group — and Greendale in general. Though he was meant to sail around the world for one year accompanied by LeVar Burton, we saw in various news reports in the background during season 6 that Troy was captured by pirates, which creates kind of a problem for the movie's script.

If Glover is set to return, will the movie be about his rescue? Will this be a high-concept heist or a high-seas drama like "Captain Phillips," or will it skip ahead to after Troy's return? That remains to be seen, but what is important is that most of the main cast (at least, those who haven't fought with the crew) will be returning for the movie.

We also know that the movie is skipping at least two of the most popular high-concept gags from the show, and to be honest, would it be that bad if we get a simple, down-to-earth comedy like those first few episodes? As long as Troy and Abed are together again, all is well.