Florida Man Trailer: A Hard-Boiled Thriller In America's Wackiest State

Florida man, Florida man, does whatever a Florida man can... Newsrooms around the world have a fondness for any headline that begins with "Florida Man," because it's almost guaranteed to be a ridiculous story. While some have argued that the sheer amount of insanity out of Florida has more to do with the state's lax laws regarding crime reporting, it's also just possible that Florida is a really weird place, like Narnia with retirees, assault rifles, and lots of sunblock. 

A new limited series will follow one such "Florida man," an ex-cop named Mike Valentine (played by Edgar Ramírez), who is a born-and-raised Floridian reluctant to return to his home state. However, he's forced to go back to the sunshine state for a job trying to find a Philadelphia mobster's runaway girlfriend (Abbey Lee). Instead of a quick job with no problems, unfortunately, he gets sucked into all kinds of new situations that could only happen in Florida. 

Created by Donald Todd ("This is Us,") "Florida Man" looks like one darkly funny thriller about the country's southernmost state. Check out the trailer below, and prepare yourself for the humid humor of "Florida Man" when it hits Netflix this April.

Watch the trailer for Florida Man

The trailer shows Mike discussing his return to Florida and he's clearly not excited about going back to his home state. There are good things about Florida, of course, like sandy beaches, delicious seafood, and some fascinating culture, but it's also a deeply regressive, bizarre place. Mike's headed back there for a quick gig trying to find a beautiful woman (that's going to like finding a needle in a haystack in Miami!), but it looks like he's got some unfinished business there, too. As he tells someone else in the trailer: "I have to go to Florida, so I can leave Florida." There's kind of a "Hotel California" vibe to that, like Florida is a part of Mike that he can't leave but needs to somehow, and I'm curious to see how that plays into the series. 

Here's the official synopsis: 

"When a struggling ex-cop (Edgar Ramírez) is forced to return to his home state of Florida to find a Philly mobster's runaway girlfriend, what should be a quick gig becomes a wildly spiraling journey into buried family secrets, and an increasingly futile attempt to do the right thing in a place where so much is wrong. Florida Man, from creator Donald Todd, is a wild odyssey into a sunny place for shady people."

"Florida Man" premieres on Netflix on April 13, 2023.