Cool Stuff: The Aeon Flux Animated Series Is Getting A Vinyl Soundtrack Box Set

"Æon Flux" might not be as well-remembered as its contemporary "Neon Genesis Evangelion," and the 2005 live-action movie adaptation starring Charlize Theron is remembered perhaps even less, but Peter Chung's animated sci-fi series still holds a special place in the heart of many. Now, "Æon Flux" fans have a new opportunity to return to the '90s by taking a sound bath in composer Drew Neumann's remastered soundtrack for the show.

Waxwork Records is releasing the complete "Æon Flux" Original Series Soundtrack Box Set, marking the first time that the soundtrack has been officially available in any format. To make up for lost time, there are three different ways of listening: a deluxe box set comprised of six vinyl LPs, priced at $195; a multi-disc CD set, priced at $35; and for those of you who reject physical media entirely, it's also available across all digital streaming services. The box sets are available for pre-order from today and expected to ship on March 8, 2023, and the digital version of the album can be streamed right now.

"Teen Wolf" showrunner Jeff Davis has seemingly made it his mission to get a live-action TV adaptation of "Æon Flux" off the ground, first at the series' original home of MTV in 2018 and then, in 2021, striking a new deal that would bring the project to MTV's sister company, Paramount+. Perhaps Neumann's music will grace the new series, if and when it arrives, but in the meantime Peter Chung is unveiling some never-before-seen material inside the LP box set.

What's inside the deluxe Æon Flux vinyl box set?

Both Peter Chung and Drew Neumann collaborated with Waxwork Records on the "Æon Flux" soundtrack release, and the deluxe LP box set also comes packed with extras to support the price tag, including artwork from Chung's personal archive. Here's what you get:

  • The complete series music by composer Neumann remastered from the original masters
  • 6xLP set pressed to 180 gram colored vinyl
  • Vinyl discs are each devised of a unique color variant correlating to the album's art
  • The full box set contains original artwork by Peter Chung
  • A high-quality deluxe soft-touch coated "perfect-bound" book
  • Exclusive liner notes by Peter Chung
  • An extensive essay by Drew Neumann
  • Chung's original, never-seen-before storyboards and sketches, character design drawings, and much more
  • Each jacket features film laminate gloss coating
  • A turntable slip-mat with art by Chung
  • Housed in a heavyweight slipcase with matte satin coating

"Æon Flux" started out as a series of shorts that aired as part of the animation showcase "Liquid Television," but the third and final season had 10 full-length standalone episodes. If listening to the soundtrack makes you yearn for a rewatch, the complete series is available to purchase for digital streaming on Prime Video VOD, and the third season is available on Paramount+.