It's Now Star Wars Canon That R2-D2 Is A Foul-Mouthed Little Droid

Have you ever wondered what R2-D2 is saying with the little beeps and boops and whirring that he does? Is he quoting the galaxy far, far away's version of William Shakespeare? Could he be making a great argument that Luke and Leia really shouldn't be kissing each other? Is he waxing philosophical about the steps that led the galactic government to become the Empire? Perhaps he is commenting on the prequels? Nope. As it turns out, he's just telling everyone to f*&@ *^%. 

This little astromech droid has a long history in the "Star Wars" universe. We first saw him in "Star Wars: Episode IV — A New Hope" as Princess Leia gave him data tapes with her message to Obi-Wan Kenobi. We saw his escape from a starship to Tatooine with his bestie, the protocol droid C-3PO, and his befriending of future jedi Luke Skywalker. Later, we learned that this beloved little blue and white garbage can served Naboo's Queen Amidala and helped Luke's X-Wing fighter fly so that he could attack the death star. He really has helped to save the galaxy several times over. R2-D2 deserves all the accolades, but someone has to wash out his gears with some droid-safe soap. 

All of these years, you may have wondered how everyone understands what those little boops and beeps meant and why C-3PO always seemed so annoyed with him. Sure, Threepio is a bit of a stuck-up grump, but still. Maybe we've all been judging that shiny gold guy too harshly. R2 has apparently been saying some offensive things to him this entire time. 

Is THAT what beep boop means?

As it turns out, the fact that R2-D2 curses up a storm when he spits out those adorable little noises is actually canon in the world of "Star Wars." It was confirmed by a certain beloved Wookie actor, as well as in a comic book.

In the original script for "A New Hope," which was revealed on Twitter in 2016 by original Chewbacca actor, the late Peter Mayhew, R2-D2 spoke in "a flurry of electronic swearing," which is pretty great. Threepio reacts as expected, which is exactly like your grandparents might. He is not amused, and he's not afraid to say it. In the comic book "Star Wars" #13 by Jason Aaron and Mike Deodato (via ScreenRant), we learn all about it from the reactions of someone else. (Note that this is the "Star Wars" #13 from 2015, not the one from 2020. Comic books are confusing.)

In the story, Luke Skywalker and his faithful droid companions Artoo and Threepio crash on a planet after a battle with Darth Vader's ship. Luke has that squishy human body, though, and he's in really bad shape. Any of us would get grumpy if our friend got hurt, right? Well, fan-favorite character Doctor Aphra and her own little droid buddy Triple-Zero come across this trio. Little Artoo was helping his companion and keeping him safe until they arrived. When he saw Aphra and Triple-Zero, though, he started spitting out ugliness like, "Beebda Tweet Bwoop Woobeep Bleep Bleep Wuuruu," which you really shouldn't say in public.

Beebda Tweet Bwoop Woobeep

Triple-Zero, of course, speaks droid and has quite the reaction, saying, "My, what language. He certainly is a foul-mouthed little astromech. I wonder if he's capable of backing up such talk?" Aw, come on, Triple-Zero! You have to translate for us! Is he calling you a "bucket of bolts" or is he, like, making fun of your mom or something?? Inquiring minds want to know!

Of course, R2-D2 may not be saying words that those of us in the everyday world would have to "bleep" out. (Wait, is that rude?) He could be calling someone "sithspit," or saying something as benign as "laser brain." He could certainly be calling someone a "scruffy nerf herder," something he clearly learned from hanging around Princess Leia all those years. Then again, he could be saying "e chu ta" or calling someone "sleemo" in Huttese, just to upset Threepio, which R2-D2 really does love to do. 

You do have to hand it to the little guy, though. No matter how he speaks, there is no more loyal droid in the entire galaxy. Let R2-D2 swear, as fans have assumed he's been doing since "A New Hope" premiered back in 1977. It's nice to know that it has been confirmed as "Star Wars" canon though.

He may be a big old potty-mouthed droid, but R2-D2 is also the best droid out there — and he always ^$&*#@*% will be!