The Stunt Performer Behind Daredevil And Captain America Had An Amazing Encounter With A Martial Arts Legend [Exclusive]

The backbreaking work that stunt performers have put into some of our favorite action scenes is finally getting more attention and appreciation, largely due to shows like "Daredevil" and franchises like "John Wick" that have raised the bar to an entirely new level. The ingenuity of Australian stunt work and the graceful choreography of Hong Kong cinema have found their way into American action films, and audiences are loving it. There are countless stunt performers who are contributing to the new school action we're witnessing, but if the Oscars ever do eventually give out a Best Stunt award, stunt performer Chris Brewster should definitely be on the short list. 

Brewster was the fight coordinator for "Black Adam" and has worked in a variety of roles in massive action properties like "Captain America: Civil War," "Loki," "Black Panther," "Guardians of the Galaxy," and "Django Unchained," just to name a few. He was also the stunt double for Charlie Cox in "Daredevil" and was prominently featured in the infamous hallway scene in Season 1's episode "Cut Man."  And he stood in for Steve Rogers for that big elevator action scene in "Captain America: The Winter Soldier."

Brewster has definitely become a powerful force in the industry, but earlier in his career, he found himself going toe-to-toe with an international icon who may just be the biggest action star of all time: Jackie Chan. In a new interview with /Film, Brewster talked about the surreal experience of facing off with a legend. 

'I went completely starstruck'

Such a sudden introduction to the stunt world was thrilling but daunting for Brewster. He really had no idea what he was getting himself into at first, telling /Film:

"One of my mentors in the business, Bob Brown, basically I get a call to come in and do a fight scene. And he's like, 'Hey, how tall are you?' I'm like, 'I'm five ten.' He goes, 'Five nine? Great. What do you weigh?' At the time I weighed 160. 'About 160.' He goes, 'Five nine, 150. Perfect. Come on in. I'm going to have you fight Jackie tomorrow.'"

Bob Brown is, in fact, a legendary stunt man who got his start in Cannon films like "Allan Quatermain and the Lost City of Gold" and went on to do stunts in action classics like "Terminator 2: Judgment Day." Brown was probably looking for someone who could match up with "Jackie" and double the other actor. Brewster didn't know it was the Jackie Chan, of course:

"I flew out to New Mexico and I thought Jackie was just some guy in the stunt team that I was supposed to know and whatever. And I got there and it was Jackie Chan. He came over, introduced himself to me, and I went completely starstruck. I couldn't even say my name and then followed him around."

Understandably, it took Brewster a little while to regain his composure. "About five minutes later I was actually able to introduce myself. Then I got to do a pretty awesome fight scene with Jackie Chan. So, that was my intro to the stunt world." In case you were wondering: the film in question is probably "The Spy Next Door" where Brewster is uncredited as actor Lucas Till's stunt double.