We've Already Seen How Mon Mothma's Humanitarian Efforts In Andor Can Help The Rebellion In Star Wars Rebels

There will be spoilers for "Andor" Episode VII – "Announcement."

In the latest episode of "Andor," Senator Mon Mothma struggles to find allies in the completely hostile environment of Coruscant. She has eyes on her at all time and must find ways to help the Rebellion without seeming too obvious. At first, bankrolling Luthen Rael's operation is easy enough as she can simply dip into her family accounts, but she's being watched too closely for that. As she tells a childhood friend, a banker who can help her, she does a lot of humanitarian work that is, at best, irritating to the Empire. But as she outlines those charities and humanitarian enterprises, there are plenty of ways that can support the Rebellion, and we can look to "Star Wars Rebels" for clues about what she could do with such aid.

The Aid of Alderaan

If there's another senator who is in an equally precarious situation when it comes to balancing the appearance of loyalty in the Imperial Senate and the blatant aid of the Rebellion, it's Senator Bail Organa of Alderaan. From the very first day of the Empire, he's used every trick at his disposal to slow the efforts of the Emperor and help those in need. One of the most cunning ruses he perpetrated happened in "Star Wars Rebels" and can show us exactly how Mon Mothma's own efforts could help.

After the Empire squeezed Lothal and crushed the spirits of its people, the people of Alderaan sent three Hammerhead Corvettes loaded with material that could be helpful to the Rebellion under the guise of relief for the people of Lothal. Really, Bail Organa heard about the losses the Rebels suffered on Garel and knew he could help resupply them. Through his spy network, he gave the Rebels everything they needed to know in order to steal the ships and add them to the Rebel fleet, along with everything they contained. Princess Leia helped in that particular situation and the rebels of Phoenix Squadron took possession of them.

Naturally, Bail Organa is able to blame the entire loss of the ships to Imperial incompetence and no one would suspect him of orchestrating the whole thing with the help of his daughter.

The Hammerhead Corvettes

Interestingly enough, these Hammerhead corvettes were seen in "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story" and played a pivotal role in the Battle of Scarif. It was one of these cruisers that Admiral Raddus had ram the Star Destroyers that ended up crashing into the shield gate and allowing them to receive the transmissions of the stolen data tapes. Thus, they're able to deliver those plans to Princess Leia. This is truly a matter of the rebels being able to reap what they sow, putting all of the right pieces on the board for their resistance against the Empire.

If Mon Mothma's charities and humanitarian efforts are anything like Bail Organa's, it will be exciting to see how they play out over the course of the war.

New episodes of "Andor" air on Wednesdays on Disney+.