Along With The Spark Of The Rebellion, Andor Episode 7 Shows The Rise Of The Empire

There will be spoilers for "Andor" Episode 7 – "Announcement"

The newest episode of "Andor" shows how the common people in the galaxy are growing weary of their oppression under the fascist boot of the Empire. With the new measures and harsh taxes being imposed in the wake of the Aldhani garrison attack that Cassian Andor was instrumental in, hope is rising for rebels everywhere. But as the show gives us these sparks of Rebellion, it shows us the rise of the Empire as well.

The Ferrix Massacre

In a series of flashbacks, we're given a window into the history of Ferrix and Cassian Andor's past. In the weeks and months after the formation of the Empire, they occupy planets across the galaxy in a show of force. You'll notice the Clone Troopers marching to the orders of Imperial officers in the flashback, hearkening back to the earliest days of the Empire. But people don't want to be occupied and Ferrix is no exception. 

In the streets, Cassian witnesses a march of these Clone Troopers alongside his adoptive father, Clem, and the people of Ferrix aren't thrilled about it. When the crowd starts hurling invectives against the Imperials, Clem steps in to mediate and calm the situation. That doesn't do anything when a rock is thrown, hitting one of the Clones and the officer orders them to fire into the crowd.

It doesn't take much imagination to see how Clem goes from there, caught in the crossfire, to being hung publicly in the town square. It leads to a younger Cassian trying to savagely attack a small unit of Clone Troopers left there.

But these troops make their vicious mark, and leave the planet under the nominal charge of the Corporate Authority, not even thinking twice about the anger fomenting over the planet for the next decade and a half.

The Boston Massacre

"Star Wars" has always delved into history and politics, and "Andor" is no exception. For those who might not be familiar with the history of the Boston Massacre, it looks very much like what played out in "Andor" this week. British troops were shouted at, a rock was hurled, and they opened fire on the unarmed crowd. This was ultimately one of the chief sparks that led to the American revolution. The first casualty in that conflict was Crispus Attucks, a black dockworker. Little is known about Attucks, almost as little as we know about Clem Andor.

The most fascinating thing about the Boston Massacre, though, was how it was turned into propaganda for both sides. Although the situation on Ferrix happened years earlier, it's shown to us now in the wake of the Aldhani heist. The robbery on Aldhani is used as that rallying cry for both the continued rise of the Empire as they tighten their grip across the galaxy. But it also makes a statement for the young Rebel movement, who is sick of the oppression of the Empire. In history, the British used the massacre as a rallying cry to put the Americans under their heel, but for the Americans, it was a call to fight the British with everything they had.

In this ideological arms race, the rebels and Empire both increase their anger and force used, and the people caught in the middle will be forced to choose a side.

New episodes of "Andor" air on Wednesdays on Disney+.