Werewolf By Night's 'New' Marvel Studios Logo Is More Than Just An Eye-Catching Graphic, But Is It Enough?

It's pretty obvious that "Werewolf By Night" is a unique entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, especially in its visuals. Its homage to classic 1930s creature features is obvious even through still shots, even if the shine of digital cameras doesn't make it look like an exact replica. Perhaps the most significant stylistic change, however, occurs before the special itself even begins. "Werewolf By Night" gets its own spookier version of the Marvel Studios logo, complete with a black-and-white overlay and screen tears.

It does a good job of getting viewers into the right mood before the special actually begins. This is largely due to the fact that MCU entries all kind of feel the same — they have the same logos, the same formulas, and oftentimes, the same casts. "Werewolf By Night," by most accounts, is not like any other entry in this franchise, and these slight yet pivotal changes to the Marvel Studios logo reflect this. Hearing animals growl and people scream against the backdrop of what we have become accustomed to seeing is really cool, especially toward the end where the actual logo is engulfed in electricity.

Not without its problems

However, at the end of the day, this is merely a drop in the bucket when it comes to artistic liberties in this franchise. While the logo received a spooky filter and some disconcerting music, is it really enough to signal that the world of the MCU is open to change? After all, the actual footage shown in the logo remains intact – the same heroes and script pages we see before every Marvel project are seen.

It would have been interesting to see things change just for this special, perhaps showcasing some of the series' villains instead of its heroes. Maybe some of the footage should have been swapped out for our heroes in more distressing situations. Just something, anything to ensure that this special stands as its own thing rather than another reminder that the MCU is the current dominant pop culture force.

It's not a bad thing at all that the franchise wants to experiment with genres, and in fact, this special should be a welcome departure from the confines it has made for itself. Unfortunately, those restrictions weren't fully let go for "Werewolf By Night," and the opening Marvel Studios logo is the best possible representation of this.

"Werewolf By Night" is now streaming on Disney+.