Dead To Me Season 3 Teaser: Get Ready For The Final Season

Judy and Jen are back for one last round of friendship, murder cover-ups, and pitch-black comedy: "Dead to Me" season three is finally happening. The show has been away for over two years, but is set to premiere with its last batch of episodes in November. Ahead of its release, Netflix dropped a teaser for the new season at today's Tudum Festival, shared with the caption "All roads have led to this."

While it doesn't offer a ton of insight about what to expect from season three, the promo does let us know the dynamic duo played by Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini is still kicking after the events of the second season finale. Check out the first look here:

It'll take more than a car crash to kill Jen and Judy

In case you forgot, season 2 of "Dead To Me" ended with a bit of a bait and switch, the culmination of a convoluted yet deeply entertaining series of events that kicked off with Jen (Christina Applegate) killing Judy's (Cardellini) ex Steve (James Marsden). Jen ultimately confessed to Detective Perez (Diana-Maria Riva) about the crime, but the detective – who is roommates with Judy's on-and-off girlfriend Michelle (Natalie Morales) – declined to charge her.

Matters were complicated, though, when police found Steve's body and, in an eleventh-hour surprise that fits in with the show's cyclical patterns of harm among its core characters, his brother Ben (also Marsden) slammed into Judy and Jen's car while drunk driving.

Much of this teaser serves as a bit of a nostalgic recap for the first two seasons, highlighting both the crimes that got Jen and Judy to their current state and the strong bond they formed along the way. But the teaser also makes sure to let us know they're still kicking – and blurting out the F-word in the hospital – after the run-in with Ben. The duo drops no less than five F-bombs while trying to get the attention of a doctor, all while Jen lays in a neck brace. Judy seems somewhat less worse for wear, standing by her bestie's hospital bed and pushing the call button incessantly.

A full trailer is sure to come ahead of the show's November return, but in the meantime, fans can save the date for its long-awaited return. Production on the series paused when Applegate received an MS diagnosis in 2021 and was also impacted by COVID-19. Now, the final season of "Dead to Me" is set to premiere on November 17, 2022 on Netflix.