One Of Doom Patrol's Best Characters Was Supposed To Be A One-Off Joke

With a fourth season on the way, "Doom Patrol" has earned its place among the best live-action superhero shows currently on the air. Its zany, outrageous personality sets the HBO Max series apart from others in the genre, and the bevy of unique characters in the three seasons available is nothing short of mind-blowing, hilarious, and more often than not, heartwarming. Aside from the never-ending existential crisis, the members of the Doom Patrol find themselves interacting with the deepest and strangest parts of DC Comics canon. However, the series isn't afraid of filling out its universe with original characters that are just as crazy — if not crazier — than the source material.

Enter Ezekial: a very intelligent cockroach and recurring guest star on "Doom Patrol." Like any other normal cockroach, Ezekial believes it is meant to rule the earth for the Christian god once humans have been wiped out. He first appeared early in season 1 and later played a big role in the bats***t crazy finale where he battled a giant rat and, I kid you not, made out with it. 

The deeply religious cockroach was originally meant as a brief joke but ended up having a minor character arc.

Earth's rightful ruler

In an interview with GateCrashers, "Doom Patrol" writer Shoshana Sachi talked about the unintended importance of her beloved creation:

"We're a weird bunch. For me, personally, it would have to be Ezekiel. I just started writing the character, expecting it to be thrown out, but Jeremy really responded to him, and who could've known he would become such a pivotal piece of season one. I'm proud of the character, as silly as it may seem because Ezekiel also signifies me stepping out of my comfort zone as a baby TV writer and being confident enough to follow through on pitching this insane concept ... even though I was a little scared."

Although Ezekiel managed to be more than a one-off character, the cockroach eventually met his demise in the aptly-titled "Ezekiel Patrol." The self-proclaimed omnipotent creature proudly states his god-like status before biting the dust, proving there is no justice in this cruel world. The confident follow-through with the "insane concept" not only speaks to the unique nature of "Doom Patrol," but proves the superhero series is up to the task when it comes to subverting the genre and our expectations.

In a show already deranged in its natural state, it is inspiring to see that the writers did not restrict themselves to the established canon. Ezekiel would have never occurred if "Doom Patrol" wasn't so fearless in its execution, even if its place in the DC Universe is a bit confusing.