5.  On The Outside Looking In: I don’t really feel smug about any of my “predictions” coming true because it’s not as if what I guessed was radical or surprising. And that’s the thing. The show went for satisfaction instead of surprising. But I will admit to being surprised that my comment last week about Walt having his face pressed up against the window, looking in on his happy family played out so exactly. I meant a metaphorical window, Vince. Gosh. Walt got so many of the things he wanted (revenge, to provide for his family, to scare the bejeesus out of Gretchen and Elliott), but he was denied this. He could touch Holly and give Skyler a proper goodbye, but he couldn’t see his son. What the finale managed to do so well, was give closure to all the characters we’ve come to know and love. Skyler and Marie are likely going to reconcile. Flynn and Holly get a little screen time. We know Hank is going to be found. And, heck, even Steve Gomez gets a mention. I can’t think of any show, short of Doctor Who’s grand companion tour in “End Of Time” that’s paid homage to so many without a montage. True, we didn’t get to see Saul, Huell and Kuby but that’s okay, we’ll see them again.


6. You’ll Need A Bigger Knife: Speaking of fitting farewells, I love how everything tied up with the Schwartz’s. I know a lot of you wanted to see some gray matter spattered, but I think this worked out much better. (Also, hi Badger and Skinny Pete!) Walt got the upper hand on these two after feeling so put down for years. Not that Gretchen and Elliott are to blame for Walt’s feelings of inadequacy, but it’s hard to sympathize too much with the beautiful rich people in their well-appointed home. P.S. Where does Walt get those wonderful toys? I’ve never seen a laser pointer work so well.


7.  Is Jesse Pinkman Going To Have To Choke A Bitch?: I’m so very glad Jesse didn’t have to pull the trigger on Walt. That he got to preserve that little bit of his soul. It was a lovely call-back to “Full-Measure” where Jesse lost so much of himself by being forced to kill Gale. Here Jesse got to say no to Walt, he’s no longer Mr. White’s b*tch. That being said, he had to kill Todd. He had to. For Andrea.tumblr_mtx41feqCT1solf7jo1_250 tumblr_mtx41feqCT1solf7jo2_250

8. It Was Already In The Glass: And speaking of true love, Todd’s lady, Lydia, also met her end exactly the way she should have. Death by Stevia. I know, it wasn’t in the glass, it was in the Stevia Packet, but I never could resist a Mags Bennett reference. What about you, were you satisfied with Lydia’s end? While we’re on the subject of causes of death, the amazing John LaRue updated his Breaking Bad death toll infographic to reflect last night’s carnage. Give it a look.

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