8. How Badly Is Skyler Broken?  Despite the fact that she declared herself pretty clearly Team White last week, I think we were all a little surprised that Skyler helped Walt tape that confession.  I mean, she was reluctant, sure, but she did it.  I’d be tempted to say that Skyler had broken bad completely were it not for the lighting in this scene at the car wash.  Walt is filmed entirely in shadow, he’s just a looming black figure.  Almost like a demon or specter haunting Skyler.  I don’t think she’s beyond salvation, I think she she could still get out from under that black cloud.


I also really like this side by side comparison of Jesse and Skyler and their shared inner turmoil in this episode.  They’re here because of Walter.  Look on his works, ye mighty, and despair.

tumblr_ms4kz0V9tL1qb4op4o1_250 tumblr_ms4kz0V9tL1qb4op4o2_250

9.  And Now For Something Completely Different:  As I’ve mentioned the last few weeks, I really appreciate the attempts on the part of the writing staff to keep a little levity in the proceedings.  So three cheers for our guacamole-obsessed waiter…



…and for Saul’s cell phone selection.


10. I’m Guessing This Is The Precise Moment They Started Engraving Aaron Paul’s Name Onto The Emmy:  Seriously.  Wow.  I was less impressed with the gas can final sequence, despite Aaron Paul’s phenomenal anguish.  We know from the flash forward that the White household doesn’t burn down, so I was pretty unconcerned in that scene.  But here?  Did I think Jesse might haul off and shoot Saul or Huell?  I did.  I really did.  I thought someone was headed to Belize and both Paul and Bob Odenkirk knocked it out of the park. 


Crackpot Theories Of The Week:  My favorite crackpot theory this week comes courtesy of the godfather of Crackpot Theory Shows, Damon Lindelof.  He noted that while Walt and Jesse are out in the desert, Walt leans against Saul’s LWYRUP license plate in a way that the “L” is obscured.  Leaving us with WYRUP or “Wire Up.”  Is someone about to start working with Hank?  Jesse, after he puts down that gas can?  Saul himself?  We shall see.

Screen Shot 2013-08-26 at 7.58.29 AM

My other favorite crackpot theory pertains to Breaking Bad as a chronicle of deaths foretold.  For example, Jesse saying to Jane “you weren’t supposed to wake up” to which she responded “ever?”   Sure, maybe Marie’s idea that Walt should kill himself might come to pass, but I’m more concerned with Hank saying to Marie “You killed me. This is the final nail in the coffin.”  He’s speaking hyperbolically as it pertains to the case Walt has made against him, but what if this is what gets Hank in the end?  What if it somehow ends up being Marie’s “fault?”

Musical Moment Of The Week:  The rompin’ stompin’ ditty playing over the opening scene as Uncle Jack, Kenny, Todd and a seriously under-camoflaged tank of Methylamine make their way back to Albuquerque.

As is often the case with Breaking Bad and musical cues, the jaunty music is completely incongruous with the menace that Todd and co. represent to Walt.  However much of a threat Hank and Jesse present to the White family, I have a feeling those fun-loving, curb-stomping neo-Nazis  are about to make things much worse.



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