Jorma Taccone

#6. Jorma Taccone

Jorma Taccone is one third of the sketch comedy troupe The Lonely Island, alongside friends Andy Samberg and Akiva Schaffer. They’re best known for making Saturday Night Live’s Digital Shorts, “Lazy Sunday” being one of the first big viral short film breakouts. He made his feature film directing debut with a big screen adaptation of the SNL skit MacGruber. While that film was not a financial success, it has since developed a large cult following.  Even director Christopher Nolan loves and quotes the film (according to Anne Hathaway, who revealed this tidbit to Jimmy Fallon while promoting TDKR).

Taccone has an impeccable sense of humor which would serve him well for Ant-Man, but I’m not sure how he would function in a family-friendly franchise film.

Phil Lord and Christopher Miller

#5. Phil Lord and Christopher Miller

What can’t Phil Lord and Christopher Miller make awesome? It seems like this directing duo has made a career of deliberately choosing projects that for almost every reason shouldn’t be good or interesting, and somehow they subvert the exceptions and eventually “everything is awesome.” The duo made their debut on MTV’s short lived animated television series Clone High, which has developed a following post-cancelation. They wrote and directed the animated adaptation of Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs which was critical and financial success. They were somehow able to make awesome movies out of a 21 Jump Street movie and a film based on plastic toy bricks (The Lego Movie).

Lord and Miller are the comedy duo of the moment, courted by all the major studios. They just turned down the chance to direct Ghostbusters 3, showing they are being selective in the projects they are choosing. But would they turn down the chance to work within the Marvel universe? I feel like Ant-Man is one of the few characters in the Marvel universe that fit the directing team’s history of picking properties to under-promise/over-deliver.

With a Summer 2014 start date needed to hit the announced release date next year, there isn’t a whole  lot of prep time to develop Ant-Man further. Lord and Miller would likely want to be more creatively involved in the development of whichever project they tackle next.


#4. Rian Johnson

Whenever there is a list of directors who should direct something awesome, Rian Johnson is one of the first names that always comes up. I don’t think I know anyone who isn’t a fan of Johnson’s films. The writer/director has only made 3 films in the last decade (Brick, The Brothers Bloom and Looper), each of which have gotten progressively bigger, but he has also directed for television, with episodes of Breaking Bad and Terriers on his resume. Johnson would definitely fit into the category of a writer/director who could help elevate the comic book source material to something greater, but as stated above in the Lord/Miller section: there isn’t much time for further creative development.

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