“Talk has already begun about a possible fourth Rush Hour movie, further proving that their must not be a God, or at least one who cares about good movies.” This is what I wrote on the site exactly seven years ago as New Line Cinema Co-Chairman and Co-Ceo told trade reports that he’d “love” to do another “Rush Hour”.  Well its been seven years and it hasn’t happened yet, which is good news. But it looks like the studio wants to make Rush Hour 4. Jackie Chan says the studio wants to make another sequel but they don’t even have a script, and until they do — he’s not interested.

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Wondering what sequelized delights await us in 2013 and beyond? After the jump:

  • Jackie Chan joins Expendables 3, wants to do Rush Hour 4
  • Dennis Haysbert talks about replacing Michael Clarke Duncan in Sin City 2
  • Mark Wahlberg calls Transformers 4 the most important role of his career
  • Michael Bay says that the “leaked” Transformers 4 script is a fake
  • David Wain is definitely still working on Wet Hot American Summer 2
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  • J.J. Abrams has thoughts on the 3D conversion for Star Trek Into Darkness
  • George Miller‘s Mad Max: Fury Road has finished shooting
  • New images and plot details emerge for The Hangover Part 3
  • A still from Red 2 shows off some godawful outfits

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“Everyone wants to do sequels,” says Chris Tucker. Indeed. After the jump:

  • Dawn of the Planet of the Apes gets a plot summary, will shoot in March
  • Keith Richards may return to the Pirates of the Caribbean series
  • Chris Tucker is interested in Rush Hour 4, not so much Friday 4
  • Nick Cannon talks up his plans for a Drumline sequel and TV series
  • Isla Fisher signs on for the kinda-sorta Jackie Brown sequel Switch
  • Transformers 4 explores Bangkok as a potential shooting location
  • The Last Exorcism Part II gets picked up by CBS Films; see a new image

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Jackie Chan: Chris, my man, let’s make new movie.

Chris Tucker [getting pedicure beside $-shaped pool]: I dunno Jackie, Rush Hour 4?! Already?! You think all the fans can handle it?

Jackie: No, not Rush Hour. Something…more…original.

Chris: Jackie, you so crazy. I love it.

Jackie: I love you too Chris. Let’s find good writer. Maybe we call Brett after.

Chris [tells the nail girl to go slower]: Jackie, I’m excited, man! Me and you together again?! Let’s do it! Call MTV.

via MTV

[for historical record: apparently Chris and Jackie made this decision in person]

Rush Hour 4 Talk

Rush Hour 4

Talk has already begun about a possible fourth Rush Hour movie, further proving that their must not be a God, or at least one who cares about good movies. Director Brett Ratner introduced Rush Hour 3 at the Mann’s Chinese Theater premiere on Tuesday with a joke: “I’d like to welcome everyone to the first production meeting of ‘Rush Hour 4.'” But after the laughs subsided, and the film played, New Line Cinema Co-Chairman and Co-Ceo told Variety that he’d “love” to do another “Rush Hour”. That’s never a good sign, considering he’s one of the big wigs that greenlights the production slate.

But another sequel will depends on how well Rush Hour 3 does at the box office. But considering a movie like Wild Hogs was able to sucker the American public out of $168.2 million, I’m sure Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker will have no problem. Unfortunately, mediocre movies that appeal to the lowest common denominator, while remaining family friendly, tend to make lots of money. It’s a surprise to me that Tim Allen isn’t the highest paid actor in hollywood.

It took three years for Rush Hour 2, and six years for Rush Hour 3 – let’s hope that it takes at least 12 years for a Rush Hour 4 to hit the big screens. Actually, let’s hope that a Rush Hour 4 doesn’t ever hit the big screen. That’s probably the best possible scenario. On a good note, if we can keep hack director Brett Ratnerbusy with the Rush Hour franchise, that at the very least means he won’t have time to ruin any more X-Men films.