‘Ragnarok’ Trailer: The World Serpent Wakes

Ragnarok trailer

Want something a little different this summer, but not too different? Ragnarok may be just the thing. The film is a big-budget action-adventure story in the Spielberg mold, but there are also shades of Godzilla as the real star is a giant beast that has lain for centuries beneath the sea. Inspired vaguely by stories of the mythological Norse end of the world, this Norwegian film stars Pål Sverre Hagen (Kon-Tikiand Sofia HelinMikkel Brænne Sandemose directed from a script by John Kåre Raake. Check out the US Ragnarok trailer below. Read More »

‘Ragnarok’ Trailer: Man Knows So Little


Investigation of a centuries-old viking ship fuels the desire for discovery, and may lead to an encounter with ancient forces in the Norwegian film RagnarokPål Sverre Hagen, from the Oscar-nominated Kon Tiki stars as an archaeologist whose interest in the Oseberg Viking ship may lead to an all-too personal brush with the legendary end of days, and Mikkel Sandemose directs. Check out the teaser below, and just ignore the medallion icon’s visual similarity to the Mortal Kombat logo. Read More »