In the age of Netflix, VOD, and online piracy, studios are still trying to figure out the best way to get consumers to actually purchase their media. And with disc sales declining and digital sales on the rise, Fox is looking to give the latter format a boost.

Fox is launching an effort to encourage online purchases by offering downloads of titles for $15 a pop weeks before they hit DVD / Blu-ray or VOD. The first movie released under the new model will be Prometheus, which will be available to download September 18 before hitting shelves in disc form on October 11. More after the jump.

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The ‘always on’ nature of the web and social media is something that movie studios are finally taking advantage of, with marketing campaigns that continue long past the opening weekend for any given film. Case in point is Prometheus, the divisive latest film from Ridley Scott. It provoked and disappointed audiences in equal measure when it opened at the beginning of this past summer, and now that the film is moving towards Blu-ray and DVD release, Fox is still teasing new materials.

The promo campaign for Prometheus was mysterious and masterful, and now we’ve got a new clip showing Idris Elba‘s Captain Janek being prepped for a mission into space, presumably aboard Prometheus. Check it out below and try to figure out just what is going on in the footage. Read More »

Want even more evidence that Ridley Scott created multiple variations of his Alien prequel, Prometheus? Several images have now come online that show a completely different version of one of the film’s major set pieces. In the theatrical version of the film, the scene was played with practical effects. However, the entire scene was also completed with a CGI villain in case the practical version didn’t work.

After the jump. we’ll describe the scene, which is from the second act of the film so it’s only a minor spoiler, and show photos from each version of the film. Read More »

Audiences walked out of Ridley Scott‘s Prometheus with numerous questions, many of which came from the opened ended nature of the ending. Reports and photos released after the film suggested a bunch of footage hit the cutting room floor and it seems that’s very much the case. A list of deleted scenes reportedly on the upcoming Blu-ray suggest 14 scenes running roughly 35 minutes (yes, “three” “five”) are on the disc, including 15 minutes of footage from the third act of the film. Wow. After the jump, check out the full listening including spoilery titles. Read More »

Despite his huge commercial success, massive fan base and seemingly super-heroic ability to take criticism, Damon Lindelof is only human. The co-creator of Lost and co-writer of Prometheus hears a lot of negative comments about his work and, in a new interview, admits that it gets to him. He also admits that high-concept, sometimes ambiguous projects are the kind of stuff he loves and he wants the fans to engage with. So it goes with the territory.

Lindelof spoke to the Wall Street Journal about these things and more in specific relation to the semi-chilly online reaction to Prometheus. He reveals that he was one of the leading voices behind the viral marketing component of the film and believes the online reception of a film is extremely important, even if the studios haven’t yet taken that into consideration. He also comments on some “errors” in the film and more. Read excerpts after the jump. Read More »

Putting on a wig and fake boobs to portray Madea has brought Tyler Perry more fame and fortune than most of us could ever dream of, but even so it seems the filmmaker/actor is eager to explore new horizons. Earlier this week, we got to see him play cat and mouse with a crazed Jack Shephard in the Alex Cross trailer, and now Perry’s talking about moving on to a sci-fi project. Because, it turns out, he’s a huge fan of the genre — though like many other sci-fi aficionados, he was somewhat less than enthralled with Ridley Scott’s Prometheus. Read his comments after the jump.

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Whether or not you liked Ridley Scott‘s Prometheus, you have to admit, the scientists in it were pretty crappy. They touch potentially hazardous foreign substances, interact with alien species, and poorly communicate with their crew. All in all, very dangerous stuff. A comedy troupe called Barely Political noticed that too and created what they’re calling a “Prometheus Pre-Prequel” featuring Weyland Industries scientists training for their trip. It’s very funny stuff. Check it out below. Read More »

On the grand list of Big Questions left by Ridley Scott‘s Prometheus, one item that probably falls somewhere down in the lower third is “what the hell did David say to the Engineer?”

Well, we can’t tell you specifically what the black goo is, or what it has to do with the green goo, or what the sea monkey in Holloway’s eye was all about, but we can answer that burning lower third mystery. (And a burning lower third mystery sounds like something you should really get checked out.)

Here’s how this works: the ancient language being studied by David (Michael Fassbender) is actually Proto-Indo-European (PIE), and the man giving him a hologram lesson is played by Dr. Anil Biltoo of the SOAS Language Centre in London. Dr. Biltoo is also the language consultant for the film, and he has provided a translation of David’s dialogue from his meeting with the Engineer. Read More »

The Daily were given a glimpse at how some of the computer-animated visual effects were created for Ridley Scott‘s Prometheus. Find out how WETA created the opening sequence featuring the “incredible disintegration of the Engineer as his DNA unwinds and he falls into the waterfall of primordial Earth.” Also take a look at how MPC created “the movie’s incredible ships and planetary environments, including the fateful crash of The Prometheus and the fleeing Engineer’s Juggernaut.” Watch both of these visual effects breakdowns now, embedded after the jump.

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