You always remember the first moment you fall in love with an artist’s work. The first time you watch a movie or listen to an album and realize, “I’m going to follow this person for years to come.” That moment happened for me with artist Andrew DeGraff on July 9, 2010 at the opening of Gallery 1988′s fourth Crazy 4 Cult show.

In that show, DeGraff had a huge series of pieces featuring the distinctive outfits of each member of The Goonies, all framed around what appeared to be a treasure map. However, the more you looked at the map, you realized this wasn’t just a map. It was the movie. The work featured all the film’s locations linked by dotted lines of how each character weaved their way through the film. It was (and remains) amazing. Since then, the illustrator has done similar work at the gallery for Shaun of the Dead, North by Northwest and now, he’s created some new maps for his upcoming two person show with fellow artist Bennett Slater.

Andrew DeGraff & Bennett Slater’s gallery show opens Saturday January 5th at Gallery 1988 Melrose in Los Angeles and we’re proud to debut DeGraff’s maps for the original Star Wars trilogy: A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. Check them out, as well as some beautiful paintings by Slater, after the jump. Read More »


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When Judd Apatow‘s R-rated comedies started making hundreds of millions of dollars, Hollywood took notice and emulated them left and right. But fans knew that the director of The 40-Year-Old Virgin and Knocked Up had been making us laugh long before that. He helmed two of the most underrated network series of all time, Freaks and Geeks and Undeclared; produced films like The Cable Guy and Anchorman; and worked on TV shows such as The Critic and The Larry Sanders Show. This was a comedic genius that deserved all the praise heaped upon him.

In celebration of his latest film, This is 40, Gallery 1988 Melrose in Los Angeles is hosting a Judd Apatow tribute show featuring art based on films he had a hand in. So, in addition to everything mentioned above, there’s also art inspired by Superbad, Pineapple Express, Talladega Nights, Walk Hard, and Step Brothers. The show opens Tuesday December 4 and remains on display through December 30.

After the jump, check out a ton of art from the show from artists such as Glen Brogan, Todd Slater, Joshua Budich, Jason Liwag, Jason Edminston, Dave Perillo, Anthony Petrie, Jeff Boyes, Joey Spiotto and others, including some exclusives, and find out how you can attend. Read More »

These days, animation isn’t as defined by age as it once was. Once upon a time, a Disney movie was only thought to be for kids. But recently, Pixar has tackled mature themes, the humor of South Park has become a cultural institution, Star Wars is an animated TV series, comic book characters have cartoons and thanks to genres like anime, R-rated animation isn’t an oxymoron.

Enter Justin White, an up and coming artist made popular through sites like Threadless. He’s decided to take that thought one step further and turn some of your favorite live action movies and TV shows in to animation. His first solo show is called Rated G and opens at Gallery 1988 Melrose, in Los Angeles on Friday. We’re proud to exclusively the entire show.

White’s familiar yet flithy animated style has reimagined scenes from 30 films and shows never meant for animation. Films like Fight Club, Fargo, Casablanca, The Breakfast Club, Oldboy, Kindergarden Cop, Alien, Reservoir Dogs, There Will Be Blood and a whole lot more have been reimagined as high quality animation cels. He even tackled TV shows like Community, The Office, Breaking Bad and more.

After the jump check out all 30 images from the show and find out when and how you can grab them. Read More »

Much like the old school VH1 TV show, Gallery 1988 is having the best week ever. Their Melrose location currently has the amazing Return of the Great Showdowns exhibit on the walls and this coming Friday, September 28, their Venice location opens an insanely clever and cool exhibit by popular pop artists Tom Whalen and Dave Perillo.

The show is called Around the World In An ’80s Daze and is comprised of travel posters for locations from famous ’80s films and TV shows. Stuff like The Terminator, Caddyshack, Vacation, A Nightmare on Elm Street or Thundercats. Opening 7 p.m. September 28 at Gallery 1988 Venice, Around the World In An ’80s Daze remains on display through October 20.

While each artist has already revealed a few posters to tease the fans, /Film is proud to debut three new posters each for this super exciting show. Check them out after the jump. Read More »

If you’ve ever dreamt of seeing your favorite, obscure little movie made into art, odds are Scott Campbell has done it. For several years now, on an almost daily basis, Campbell creates a Great Showdown. The concept is simple. Pick a movie, pick two opposing forces in that movie, and paint it on a small, five inch high canvas. Here on /Film, we’ve been posting them for a while, so you’re likely familiar with Campbell’s style. If not, you can see it in the not-so-obscure Avengers Showdown above.

What began as a small part of larger shows continued to grow until, in 2011, Campbell was able to create a full Showdowns show at Gallery 1988 in Los Angeles. It was a sight to behold. Two walls filled with hundreds of clever, funny, exciting, surprising, insert-adjective-here Showdowns for what seemed to be every single movie imaginable. Since then, Campbell has continued to make Showdowns, has a book coming out, and is about to unveil his second Great Showdowns show, on display September 21 through October 13.

Almost 250 brand new Showdowns from 18 plus months will be at the show and, after the jump, you can check out my twenty favorites, find out how you can visit the show from anywhere in the world and more. Read More »

Some might find it hard to believe that five years ago, the phrase “Boats and Hoes” was not part of the popular vernacular. The 2008 comedy Step Brothers changed all that. Directed by Adam McKay and starring Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly, Step Brothers became the definitive comedy of a generation. Okay, not really. For most of us, Step Brothers is simply a funny, enjoyable comedy. But for others, it has, in fact, become a wildly popular film that’s relentlessly quoted, turned into memes, gifs, soundboards, t-shirts and more.

To celebrate the 4th anniversary of the film, because why not, Gallery 1988 in Venice, CA is opening a massive exhibit of Step Brothers themed art August 31. It’ll be on dispaly thorugh September 22 but, after the jump, you can see a bunch of the work right now. Read More »

With most things in life, it’s expected the best will be saved for last. And with no disrespect meant to the other artists in the Breaking Bad Art Project, that is most certainly the case once again.

After weeks of truly beautiful art, the final poster of the viral campaign run by Gallery 1988 ha been revealed and it’s truly stunning. Created by Australian artist and Mondo regular Ken Taylor, it’s a mosaic ode to the hit AMC drama featuring most of the show’s iconic characters in various states of stress, something viewers have become accustom to over the years. It goes on sale Tuesday and after the jump we’ve got all the info including where you can see the entire run of posters in person, plus more. Read More »

In a city that’s ripe with art, film but sorely lacking an intersection between the two, Gallery 1988 has migrated from Los Angeles to New York bringing along their trademark pop culture art show featuring the work of over 200 artists. Crazy 4 Cult New York opens Thursday and, over the course of this week, we’ve posted three previews (which you can view here, here and here) from the sixth iteration of the show. The show opens Thursday from 6-9 p.m. at 64 Gansevoort St. in the Meat Packing District and, if you can’t make it then, it’ll be on display through September 1.

In this fourth, and final, preview of Crazy 4 Cult New York, we’ve got 30 plus images featuring films like The Shining, The Terminator, Spaceballs, A Clockwork Orange, Back to the Future, They Live and so many more. Add that to the 60 we’ve already revealed and, believe it or not, we’re still only previewed half the show. It’s going to be an epic intersection of creative expression, collectibles and culture. Check out the images below. Read More »

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