LOL: Star Trek Shirtless Kirk Cologne

Last year, Genki Wear released two Star Trek branded cologne fragrances for men:

  • “Red Shirt” (the tagline on the box reads “Because tomorrow may never come”)
  • and… “Tiberius” (in reference to James T. Kirk’s middle name, tagline reads “Boldly Go”).

Last month it was announced that Genki would be adding a third fragrance to their Star Trek line: “Shirtless Kirk”. I kid you not. Check out the full product artwork and description, after the jump.

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Update: Warner Bros has since contacted Tim clarifying that Nolan doesn’t own/use this golf cart. It was apparently created by a Batman superfan who works on the lot. Original story follows:

Christopher Nolan has been working hard to lock a final cut of his latest movie Inception. /Film reader Tim G spotted Nolan’s custom Tumbler-styled golf cart that gets him around the Warner Bros lot. I can’t imagine Nolan, dressed all proper in a suit, running around the lot in this monster… but apparently he does.

For those of you who don’t know, movie studio lots are usually pretty large and studio employees use golf carts to get around as there is a lot of walking from one office to another or from one office to one of the stages. Tim tells me that  Nolan’s custom Tumbler golf cart even features sound effects from the actual tumbler. No word on if fire blazes out of the jet engine in the back.

Cool Stuff: Robocop T-Shirt by Ryan Patterson


Why did the hardcore/metal band Converge print up a shirt featuring Robocop? I have no idea, but I bought it the moment I saw it. The band’s most recent record, Axe to Fall, has been topping year-end lists aimed at fans of extreme music, and seemingly as if to celebrate they released a bunch of new merch. None of their other new stuff has the movie geek appeal of the RoboCon shirt, but when you’ve got this guy on your side, who cares? Read More »

Sharlto Copley’s A-Team Birthday Cake


Many of you know Sharlto Copley from his feature acting debut in District 9 (speaking of which, am I the only one crazy enough to believe that Copley should get some recognition for his performance come awards time, but realistically won’t). Copley is playing Capt. ‘Howling Mad’ Murdock in The A-Team movie.

/Film tipster Jimmy Jab sent over this photo, which he claims features a cake Copley’s mother sent to the set of The A-Team for her son’s birthday (Sharlto turned 36 on November 27th). The cake features a photo of a young Copley who was celebrating his own birthday with a cake featuring Mr. T as A-Team member B.A. Baracus. How cool is that? Check out a photo of the full cake after the jump.

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Back to the Future Crysis Mod

I’m not a huge video gamer, but I am a hardcore Back to the Future fanatic. So when I got sent this video of a mod to Electronic Arts’ Crysis and Crysis Wars, I just knew I had to share it. The mod is extremely highly detailed, including sounds and visual effects, but it goes far beyond that — it even allows players the functionality to time travel. Watch the entire video after the jump, especially the end. If you have the game, you can download the mod on
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Cool Stuff: Zombie Wedding Cake

Zombie Cake

If I ever get married, I would hope that my fiance would let me have a geek wedding cake as cool as this one (or, of course, the Back to the Future cake we’ve previously featured). Not only did this groom propose by creating a zombie movie, but the Seattle-based couple commissioned Mike’s Amazing Cakes to create this very awesome zombie-themed red velvet wedding cake.

“They made the Bride and Groom on top look like us down to the tux and dress, and the zombies matched our wedding party too!”

I love how at the top of the cake the Bride and the Groom are fending zombies off with chainsaws, together.

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Cool Stuff: Shaun of Dead Inspired Bar


One of Minneapolis most notorious bars, Stand Up Frank, was resurrected last week under new ownership, new name and an entirely different interior. Leslie Bock reopened the tiny bar with a new zombie theme under the name Donny Dirk’s Zombie Den.

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Cool Stuff: Dexter Drink Coasters

Dexter Drink Coasters

I don’t own a coffee table, nor do I care about my drinks leaving condensation on my glass work desk, so I really have no use for drink coasters. But my love for the Showtime series Dexter actually had me considering hitting the “Add To Cart” button.

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Cool Stuff: Star Wars Y-Wing-Themed Bedroom


A father built this Star Wars themed bedroom for his son, complete with a Y-Wing loft-style bed which hangs above. The bedroom is one of three in the 2,532 square foot Visalia California house, which is currently for sale for $346,900. Not much more information about the bedroom is included in the listing.

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Cool Posts From Around the Web:

back to the future cake

In a 2007 edition of Cool Stuff, we profiled a wedding cake that featured the bride and groom on top of a DeLorean time machine. If you read the site regularly, you probably know I’m obsessed with Back to the Future. Yes, I own a hoverboard (don’t ask if it actually hovers), a flux capacitor, among many other geekarific tributes to the original film. I can’t imagine that many Brides would allow their Grooms to order a Back to the Future-inspired wedding cake. In fact, I thought the cake at the above link was going to be the only one I’d ever see. But another cake has emerged.

/Film reader Tony J got married a couple weeks ago, and his wedding featured a new Back to the Future-inspired wedding cake. But this time around, its not an edible DeLorean, but instead Hill Valley’s courthouse square. The cake was designed by Caryn’s Cakes in Atlanta, and the Clock Tower is made out of red velvet cake. More photos after the jump.

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