Chris Pratt as Indiana Jones

But What About a Successor?

There had been rumors that Disney wanted to cast a younger actor in the role of Indiana Jones, with names like Chris Pratt reported to top the shortlists. But producer Frank Marshall has been adamant that Harrison Ford would be reprising the role that he made famous, and that the character would not go the James Bond route. That said, I think this film has to do one of two things:

  • It could be the final chapter of the Indiana Jones saga, and tell one last conclusive adventure.
  • Or in some way it needs to introduce a successor to pass the torch onto.

Considering this is Disney, the company of franchises and brands, I would think the second option is much more likely.

The pitch that I’ve heard since the rumors started is that the film will feature two parallel stories, one with old Indiana Jones (played again by Ford) in the post-Crystal Skull era, and the other with his younger self (played by a new actor, like Pratt). The stories could play off of and inform each other, much like The Godfather II.

This way you could tell one last Indiana Jones story with Ford while also introducing an entirely new actor to play a young Indiana Jones for a new generation. Using a format like this could allow Disney to showcase Ford as Indy while facilitating some of the bigger action tentpole sequences (which Ford may not be able to pull off) with the younger version of the character.  Or they could even accomplish the same thing with bookends with Ford’s older Indiana Jones instead if they didn’t want to drastically change the format of the adventure.


Will This Film Take Place in the 1960’s?

Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull took place in 1957. Indiana Jones 5 will be filmed ten years after that movie. So one would think that this film would be set in the late 1960s; however, they could potentially have Ford play the character in a time just after the fourth film if they wanted to. But for a minute let’s assume that this film takes place in the mid-to late 1960s — what opportunities does that bring?

The decade is known for the rise of counterculture and hippies, the Vietnam War, the Cuban Missile Crisis, the Civil Rights Movement led in part by Martin Luther King Jr., and of course the death of president John F. Kennedy. Which of these factors could come into play in this Indiana Jones sequel?

Indiana Jones Needs The Nazis

Indiana Jones Needs the Nazis

In my opinion, we need the Nazis. Think about it: the villain at the center of Raiders of the Lost Ark and The Last Crusade was Adolf Hitler and his army of Nazis. It’s when we turned to a different villain in Temple of Doom and Crystal Skull that some of the magic was lost. But how could you do the Nazis in the 1960s when the organization fell 15 or 20 years prior? This could be accomplished through the parallel storytelling that I proposed earlier.

The story of the young Indiana Jones could be set during the Nazi era, while old Indiana Jones could be dealing with consequences related to the old adventure many years later. Some conspiracy theorists claim that Hitler didn’t die until the 1960s. But I think its more likely that the supernatural MacGuffin would be used as a connection between the stories.

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