The Poster Posse did a poster tribute to Westworld. You can find more posters at their site, but here are three standout pieces.

Jonathan Nolan does plan on one day directing a feature film. He’s a busy guy — even busier now that Westworld is a hit — so it probably won’t be easy for him to find a year or two in his schedule to direct a movie in the near future. Hopefully, we’ll see a Jonathan Nolan film someday soon because he did a fine job directing the Westworld pilot and finale. That premiere pulled us right into the world — establishing the characters, tone, and rules so succinctly, and often visually, not just with exposition.

Here’s Nolan talking about the show’s visual language, how Dolores’ arc often informed the camerawork, and what’s next for the series:

Season one of Westworld is rewarding to rewatch. You’ll catch little details you might’ve missed the first time around, like Dr. Ford planning the logistics of the uprising in this shot (Source: Imugr):


Now, here’s Doctor Ford in his workplace from a slightly different angle (Source: Imugr):


Season one of Westworld may be over, but the hunt for new information on the park and the show is not. Here’s a little message from Westworld IT security about some suspicious users on message boards, and the little information they’ve gleaned so far (Source: Reedit):


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