Jesus Christ Superstar

NBC has reportedly chosen Jesus Christ Superstar as the network’s next live musical project. The adaptation of the successful Broadway show will air, appropriately, on Easter Sunday next year: April 1, 2018.

Carnival Row

Pacific Rim writer Travis Beacham wrote a film script called The Killing on Carnival Row that appeared on the Black List way back in 2005, and now Amazon has given it an eight-episode straight-to-series order as a TV show with a shortened name: Carnival Row. Get a load of this description:

Carnival Row is a fantasy-noir set in a neo-Victorian city. Mythical creatures fleeing their war-torn homeland have gathered in the city, and tensions are simmering between citizens and the growing immigrant population. The series follows the investigation of a string of unsolved murders that are eating away at whatever uneasy peace still exists.

Sounds like it’s unfortunately timely, considering all the immigration talk that’s going on in our country right now. Beacham will executive produce the series, Rene Echevarria (Star Trek) will be the writer/showrunner, and Sherlock’s Paul McGuigan will direct for a 2019 premiere.

Modern Family

Personally, I find it hard to believe anyone is still watching Modern Family, but it’s still one of the most popular shows on network television, so they must be doing something right. Case in point: the show has just been renewed for a ninth and tenth season and the cast have all been given “healthy” raises, though they’re nowhere close to the $1 million per episode mark that The Big Bang Theory cast members have achieved. There’s some talk that Modern Family might end after season 10, but that hasn’t been confirmed yet.


THR reports that NBC has renewed Blindspot for a third season. This is considered a big win for the show, which has experienced a sizable drop in overall viewers since moving from Monday nights to Wednesday nights.


Deadline reports that a spin-off of ABC’s Black-ish that follows Yara Shahidi’s character Zoey as she goes off to college is close to moving forward, but at Freeform (formerly ABC Family) instead of the main network. The pilot apparently tested well internally but was deemed too young-skewing for the regular ABC demographic, so Freeform seems like a better fit.

Last Man on Earth

And finally, there’s good news for those of you who watch the Batman prequel Gotham and Will Forte’s comedy The Last Man on Earth: Fox has renewed both of them for a fourth season. Gotham’s renewal means Fox will have both a DC and a Marvel show airing next year (the Marvel series being Bryan Singer’s The Gifted), and considering how this season of The Last Man on Earth ended, it seems likely that Kristen Wiig will be playing a major role in upcoming episodes of that series.

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